e-mail: ryan@albarelli.com

Education: Master's Computer Science, Missouri - Rolla

Employer: Semi-retired, open to interesting projects


Professional Work

Currently work as a software engineering contractor assigned to a project at Google

I recently left work as a software engineer and technology leader in the high frequency trading space at Tradebot Systems.

I formerly worked as a software engineer for Garmin developing glass cockpit aviation systems.

Travel Adventure

In 2005 I took an opportunity to travel 19 weeks around the world with a friend and now I'm hooked. I've visited 46 UN member states including 52 recognized regions of the world. Diary and map of travels: Ryan Albarelli's adventures at TravelArk

College Projects

I created several of my own projects prior to entering the workforce. The college projects page lists them.


In 2017, one of the Internet's earliest Travel Blogs "TravelPod" announced its own closing. I spent a few weeks replicating and downloading their content into a successor site TravelArk. They've since given me their blessing and I restore user's family memories as a service.