Shop Injuries


These are some things that can happen in a shop

Tip of the day: Do not weld without a helmet,

and your tongue hanging out of your mouth at the same time.

Ever! hot slag will land on your tongue like it did mine. ouch!

If you are the man building your own shit, that means you modify metal

and have to use some pretty cool and dangerous tools.

Here below is just a small list of boo-boo's that forced to me scream the word

F%#K, on more than one occasion.

1. Almost cut off tip of finger with a 4-1/2 inch grinder with a cut- off wheel.

Cut-off wheel is right!

The wheel cut my fingernail right in half and about 3/16” deep!

It took like a year for that one to heal. It left a nice scar though.

2. Metal in the eye! Not once. Not twice. We are talking hundreds of times!

I could have air-tight goggles on with a hooded shield

and metal will find a way to get in my eye.

It’s like my eyeball is a friggin MAGNET sucking in all the metal shavings

like a big black hole.

I’ve been to the eye doctor twice to have it removed because

a wad of toilet paper twisted up in a point couldn’ t dig it out.

One time they had to use a tiny drill bit to grind the rust

out of my retina or cornea or something.

That was pretty cool. I got to keep the drill bit.

I have also found that a small magnet will often take the offending piece

of metal from your eye.

(with the economy the way it is, home remedies are needed more and more)

3. FLASHBURN! Man, talk about a pain in the ass.

One day you’re fine playing superman tacking up a whole bunch of pieces

or shaving something without a hood on and BAM!

The next morning your eyes are glued shut and burning like fire!

There is nothing you can do except take some Tylenol

and pretend it’s going to work.

If anybody knows a cure for this let me know!

4. Smashed shin with a Big Maul.

Trying to put a log into the wood stove. Found it too big, so,

I went outside on the ice covered driveway,put wedge in the middle of log,

took a big swing and just then log moved ,

hammer bounced off the side of the wedge and hit me in the leg.Ouch!

5. Smashed finger with a sledge hammer two times in a row. Enough said!

6. Metal splinters that will not come out.

You barely touch it and your whole arm is filled with instant pain.

Those suck! I get those daily.

7. Stuck in the neck! Those cut-off wheel disc's like to explode in your face.

I had one blow up on me and stick me in the neck.

It was just a cut, but if that would of hit me in the eye I’d been pissed!

8. Tons of burns from welding.

The best ones are when the sparks get in your ear

and jump around like jumping beans.

You instantly drop the mig gun, rip off your helmet,

and jam your finger in your ear trying to get it out after its too late.

Slags of red hot metal in your shoe doesnt feel good either.

Just dont weld in flip flops or sandles no matter how tough you think you are.

The metal wins!

That’s all I can remember right now.

If I remember some more shop injuries I’ll put them up. Thanks!


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