Rustam Romaniuc

Welcome to my website!

I am a Researcher in Experimental Economics at the Laboratory for Experimental Anthropology (ETHICS-EA 7446) where I have a permanent position since 2016.

I am also a member of Lille Economics & Management and of the Computational Justice Lab

I study the interactions between formal institutions and social norms, with an emphasis on how exposure to formal institutions affects the evolution of norms and how the psychology of norms can explain the emergence of centralized institutions. I mostly do experimental work.


2019. Guido, A., Robbett, A., Romaniuc, R. Group Formation and Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: A Survey and Meta-Analytic Evidence Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 159: 192-209. (WP/Published)

Accepted. DeAngelo, G., Dubois, D., Romaniuc, R. The Perils of Democracy Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming. (WP/Published)

2019. Farrow, K., Romaniuc, R. The Stickiness of Norms International Review of Law and Economics, 58: 54-62. (WP/Published)

2017. Romaniuc, R. Intrinsic Motivation in Economics: A History Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 67: 56-64. (WP/Published)

2016. Romaniuc, R., Farrow, K., Ibanez, L., Marciano, A. The Perils of Government Enforcement Public Choice, 166(1-2): 161-182. (WP/Published)

2016. Romaniuc, R. What Makes Law to Change Behavior: An Experimental Study Review of Law and Economics, 12(2): 447-475. (WP/Published)

2015. Marciano, A., Romaniuc, R. Accident Costs, Resource Allocation, and Individual Rationality: Blum, Kalven, and Calabresi European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 22(6). (WP/Published)

Work in progress

  • The specific and general deterrence effects of expungements: An experimental study. w/ Greg J. DeAngelo, Bruno Deffains, Romain Espinosa, Murat C. Mungan
  • Intergroup inequality and the breakdown of prosociality. w/ Greg J. DeAngelo, Dimitri Dubois, Bryan McCannon. Under review
  • Does the presence of a physically disabled person increase cooperation? An experimental study. w/ David Doat, Dimitri Dubois, Arnaud Tognetti
  • Deafness and cooperation detection skills. w/ Jeanne Bovet, Dimitri Dubois, Nikolaus Robalino, Arnaud Tognetti
  • The effects of positive and negative framing on cooperation under risk. w/ Véronique Flambard, Fabrice Le Lec
  • Knowledge-sharing in static and dynamic networks. w/ Maxime Derex, Andrea Guido

Book chapters

  • 2019. Bazart, C., Romaniuc, R. "Incitations, motivations prosociales et politiques publiques pro-environnementales: Une réflexion illustrée par la politique de gestion des déchets en France". In: A. Stenger-Letheux and B. Ouvrard (eds.), Politiques Environnementales et Incitations - Des Instruments Classiques aux Nouvelles Formes de Régulation, ISTE Editions.
  • 2016. Bazart, C., Romaniuc, R. "Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation". In: A. Marciano and G.B. Ramello (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer.