Rustam Romaniuc

Current position 
Researcher/Chargé de recherche @ Université Catholique de Lille, LEM-CNRS
Sc. Director @ Anthropo-Lab - ETHICS EA 7446

Ph.D. in Economics, Institutions and Law (Collegio Carlo Alberto, University of Turin, joint with the University of Montpellier), 2016

Research topics
I use laboratory experiments to study the institutional and psychological underpinnings of human cooperation. I'm interested in group/partner selection, the interplay between norms and laws, and the biological origins of prosociality. 

Work in progress
  • Brain adaptability to cues of cooperativenss
    • with Dimitri Dubois, Nikolaus Robalino and Arnaud Tognetti
  • Handicap and cooperation
    • with David Doat, Dimitri Dubois, Arnaud Tognetti
  • Group formation and cooperation in social dilemmas: A survey and meta-analytic evidence (manuscript available / under review)
    • with Andrea Guido and Andrea Robbett 
  • The stickiness of norms (manuscript available / under review)
    • with Katherine Farrow 
  • The effect of decriptive and normative norms on giving in repeated dictator games 
    • with Cécile Bazart and Julie Rosaz
  • Expungements: An experimental study 
    • with Gregory J. DeAngelo, Romain Espinosa and Murat C. Mungan
  • The perils of democracy (manuscript available / r&r JEBO
    • with Gregory J. DeAngelo and Dimitri Dubois
  • Intergroup inequality and the breakdown of prosociality (manuscript available / under review) press coverage: La Tribune 
    • with Gregroy J. DeAngelo, Dimitri Dubois, and Bryan C. McCannon 

Journal publications

"Intrinsic motivation in economics: A history". 2017, 67: 56-64.
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (cat. 4 CNRS)

"The perils of government enforcement". 2016, 166(1-2): 161-182 (first author, with Katherine Farrow, Lisette Ibanez, Alain Marciano)
Public Choice (cat. 1 CNRS)

"What makes law to change behavior? An experimental study". 2016, 12(2): 447-475
Review of Law and Economics (cat. 2 CNRS)

"Accident costs, resource allocation, and individual rationality: Blum, Kalven, and Calabresi". 2015, 22(6) (with Alain Marciano)
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought (cat. 1 CNRS)

Book chapters
  • 2016. "Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation" (with Cécile Bazart). In: A. Marciano and G.B. Ramello (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. Springer.


Cécile Bazart (Economics, U Montpellier)
Gregory J. DeAngelo (Economics, West Virginia U)
David Doat (Philosophy, Lille Catholic U)
Dimitri Dubois (Economics, U Montpellier)
Romain Espinosa (Economics, U Rennes 1)
Andrea Guido (Economics, Lille Catholic U)
Katherine Farrow (Economics, U Montpellier)
Lisette Ibanez (Economics, INRA Montpellier)
Alain Marciano (Economics, U Montpellier)
Bryan C. McCannon (Economics, West Virginia U)
Murat C. Mungan (Law, George Mason U)
Andrea Robbett (Economics, Middlebury College)
Julie Rosaz (Economics, U Montpellier)
Arnaud Tognetti (Biology, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse)