In 1973 The Sunrise Exchange Club had a vision of completing a service project for the Waterloo area that would serve the community year in and year out for generations to come. The project needed to fit the criteria set forth by the National Exchange Club which is committed to promoting the importance of Nationalism, God, and the prevention of Child Abuse. The project that they settled on is what many have come to know as the Sunrise Children’s Petting Zoo.

The Children’s Petting Zoo has been a staple of the community for over 40 years. With free admission to all, this Zoo has continued to provide a safe and friendly environment to many that visit each year. The only cost to the visitors is the food they purchase to feed the animals, which provides the kids with an opportunity to hand feed the animals at the Zoo.

The Zoo has continued to operate with the help of many volunteers, donations, and the dedicated commitment from the Sunrise Exchange Club Members who continue to keep the Zoo operational and free to all.

With the increase in costs and increasing difficulty in keeping skilled staff in place, it is getting more and more difficult to operate the Zoo on an annual basis thru donations and food sales alone, hence the idea of the first annual Zoo Run.

So please consider participating in the 
2018 6th annual Zoo Run/Walk and help keep this Zoo open for the children to enjoy for the years to come.