Riesch Lab

R Riesch, M Tobler & M Plath (eds.)

Extremophile Fishes –

Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology of Teleosts in Extreme Environments

Heidelberg, New York: Springer Verlag


December 2017

Long-term balancing selection on chromosomal variants associated
with crypsis in stick insects
Molecular Ecology 26(22): 6189–6205

October 2017

Congratulations to Rich Beason, who was just introduced as a new blogger
at Functional Ecologist, the official blog of Functional Ecology


Evolution – Angepasst an eine tödliche Umwelt
 Spektrum der Wissenschaft 11.17: 36–41

July/August 2017

Highly successful field trip with Francesco Santi across Italy, France and Spain to conduct work on invasive mosquitofish is in the books


Predation risk and abiotic habitat parameters affect personality traits
in extremophile populations of a neotropical fish (Poecilia vivipara)
Ecology and Evolution 7(16): 6570–6581

July 2017

Congratulations to Francesco Santi for his first peer-reviewed publication:
Life histories of guppies (Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1869; Poeciliidae) 
from the Pitch Lake in Trinidad
Caribbean Journal of ScienceIn Press 

May 2017

Species in the Making
Scientific American – Special Collector's Edition 26(2): 94–101


Research in the lab and associated Scientific American articles featured
on the RHUL website (killer whales; fish in toxic springs)

March 2017

Transitions between phases of genomic differentiation 
during stick-insect speciation
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1(4): 0082

Great cover image of T. bartmani for the 
Nature Ecology & Evolution April issue
by Moritz Muschick


Evolution at the Limits
Scientific American 316(4): 54–59


Orcas – Artbildung einmal anders
 Spektrum der Wissenschaft 4.17: 30–38