Rüdiger Riesch


Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology

School of Biological Sciences

Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

Royal Holloway, University of London


Surrey TW20 0EX


Tel: +44-1784-414659

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E-mail:  Rudiger.Riesch at rhul.ac.uk

R Riesch, M Tobler & M Plath (eds.)

Extremophile Fishes –

Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology of Teleosts in Extreme Environments

Heidelberg, New York: Springer Verlag


July 2017

Long-term balancing selection on chromosomal variants associated
with crypsis in stick insects
Molecular Ecology – In Press

Congratulations to Francesco Santi for his first peer-reviewed publication:
Life histories of guppies (Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1869; Poeciliidae) 
from the Pitch Lake in Trinidad
Caribbean Journal of Science – In Press 

May 2017

Predation risk and abiotic habitat parameters affect personality traits
in extremophile populations of a neotropical fish (Poecilia vivipara)
Ecology and Evolution – In Press 

Species in the Making
Scientific American – Special Collector's Edition 26(2): 94–101

Research in the lab and associated Scientific American articles featured
on the RHUL website (killer whales; fish in toxic springs)

March 2017

Transitions between phases of genomic differentiation 
during stick-insect speciation
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1(4): 0082

Great cover image of T. bartmani for the 
Nature Ecology & Evolution April issue
by Moritz Muschick

Evolution at the Limits
Scientific American 316(4)54–59

Orcas – Artbildung einmal anders
 Spektrum der Wissenschaft 4.17: 30–38

February 2017

Patrik Nosil's Nature Ecology & Evolution's Behind the Paper Blog
gives some nice background info to our study

December 2016

Shared and unique patterns of phenotypic diversification along
a stream gradient in two congeneric species
Scientific Reports 6: 38971

November 2016

Species in the making: Killer whales are speciating right in front of us

Scientific American 315(5): 51–61

Toxic hydrogen sulphide shapes brain anatomy: a comparative study

of sulphide-adapted ecotypes in the Poecilia mexicana complex

Journal of Zoology (London) 300(3): 163–176

June 2016

Extremophile Poeciliidae: multivariate insights into the complexity of speciation along replicated ecological gradients

BMC Evolutionary Biology 16:136

Does personality affect premating isolation between 

locally-adapted populations?

BMC Evolutionary Biology 16:138

March 2016

Sex-specific local life-history adaptation in surface- and cave-dwelling Atlantic mollies (Poecilia mexicana)

Scientific Reports 6: 22968

The predictability and magnitude of life-history divergence to ecological agents of selection: a meta-analysis in livebearing fishes

Ecology Letters 14(9): 435–442

Adaptive growth reduction in response to fish kairomones allows
mosquito larvae (Culex pipiens) to reduce predation risk
Aquatic Sciences 78(2): 303–314