Not so Rude - Rudedog

A little history about my online name and how long I've been using it. The Rudedog's where a paintball team from Rhode Island around 1989-1991, in which I was one of the founding members. We wanted to play off the name by being a complete opposite of what you would think when you heard the name of our team. This was something I wanted to continue when I was trying to come up with an online name around 1999.

The team was made up of a family that included, husband, wife, and grandfather, myself and several other close friends who worked for the local paintball store at that time.

After getting married in 1991 and moving away from paintball and into the world of online PC gaming. I started using the name "Rudedog" about 1998, however the earliest profile I can find is from Aug 29th 1999 on site that is now known as The original name of the site was (Delta Force) and was acquired by Jolt by 2001-2002-ish.

So I can probably say I've been using the name longer then most , maybe not as long as a cartoon strip by the same name (which I never new existed until about 3 years ago) but longer then anyone using it as an online persona.

If you ever see my name being used and you're wondering if it's me, I always use the tag line "Not so Rude - Rudedog" and my personal avatar shown above.

So there you have it, a little history about me and my online name "Rudedog", you're always welcome to stop by one of my sites listed above and drop me a line or use my Gmail account

Jim Landi

Not so Rude -Rudedog since 1998-ish

Microsoft MVP, Games for Windows