Principal Investigator

Ruben Coen-Cagli. I am Associate Professor in the Department of Systems and Computational Biology and Department of Neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. I obtained my degree in theoretical physics from the University of Napoli Federico II with a thesis on quantum computing, an interdisciplinary effort to turn the fundamental properties of the microscopic world into a novel computing paradigm. In my graduate work at the same university, I combined eye-tracking experiments, Bayesian modeling and a robotic arm simulator to study eye-hand coordination. In 2008 I started a postdoc with Odelia Schwartz, studying the link between statistical structure in natural images and neuronal responses in visual cortex, in collaboration with Peter Dayan and Adam Kohn. I joined the lab of Alexandre Pouget in 2012 with the SSN-IBRO postdoctoral fellowship, to study the origins of cortical and perceptual variability. I joined Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2016.

contact: ruben.coen-cagli at einsteinmed dot edu


Claire Launay. (Personal Website). I completed my PhD in Applied Mathematics at Universite de Paris, under the supervision of Bruno Galerne and Agnes Desolneux. I joined the lab in October 2020.

Amirhossein Farzmahdi. My Master's degree is in Electrical Engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran (Iran). I completed my PhD at the School of Cognitive Science (SCS), IPM, under the direction of Winrich Freiwald and Reza Ebrahimpour. During my Master's and PhD studies, I examined how properties of the face-processing network (e.g., mirror-symmetric viewpoint tuning) are generated within computational models.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral fellow at Coen-Cagli Lab. My main interest is to understand how the visual system encodes the complex natural environment. To address this question, I will draw on both descriptive and normative approaches. I, therefore, build models that capture the statistical nature of the natural inputs and evaluate hypotheses by analyzing neural responses. My research is focused on unraveling computational principles underlying contextual modulation in the early visual cortex and generating general insights into how this contributes to encoding natural visual scenes.


Oren Weiss. Joined the lab in 2019. Oren works on quantifying the variability of neural activity in visual cortex, and understanding the role it plays in the computations involved in processing visual stimuli.

Linghao Xu. I joined the lab in 2022 after I received my Master’s degree from the University of Rochester, under the supervision of Drs. Ralf Haefner and Greg DeAnglies. I’m interested in the normalization model and relating the uncertainty in visual stimulus with the variability in neural responses. I’m also interested in Bayesian inference in human heading perception and previously worked with Dr. Alan Stocker in my undergraduate study.

Rotation Students

Tridib Biswas is a Summer 2022 rotation student with a background working in cell segmentation and image processing for biological images. Currently, Tridib is interested in the perceptual segmentation project and biologically inspired neural networks.

Concetta Brusco is an MSTP student at Einstein. She is interested in computational neuroscience and has previously studied hypoxia in brain tumor cells, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) as a treatment for addiction.


Daniel Herrera-Esposito. (Scholar page) Joint PhD student in our lab and Montevideo Uruguay. Currently a postdoc with Johannes Burge

Matthew Chin. Matthew is an MD-PhD student at Einstein.

Sacha Sokoloski. (Personal Website): Postdoc 2017-2021. Sacha is currently a postdoc in the lab of Phillip Berens

Dylan Festa. (Scholar page) Postdoc 2016-2020. Dylan is currently a postdoc in the lab of Julijana Gjorjieva

Jonathan Vacher. (Personal website) 2017-2020 postdoc. Jonathan is currently Assistant Professor at University of Paris-Cite MAP5.

Aleksandra Fryc. 2020 rotation student. Aleksandra is a Ph.D candidate in Neuroscience at Einstein.

Elliot Kim. 2020 rotation student. Elliot is a MD/Ph.D candidate in Adam Kohn's lab at Einstein.

Alexander Ferrena. 2020 rotation student. Alex is a PhD candidate at Einstein.

Aravind Krishna. 2018 rotation student. Aravind is a PhD candidate in Adam Kohn's lab at Einstein.

Abhimanyu Pavuluri. 2018 rotation student. Abhimanyu is a PhD candidate in Adam Kohn's lab at Einstein.

Aida Davila. 2018 rotation student. Aida is a PhD candidate in Adam Kohn's lab at Einstein.

Eli Guenzburger. 2017 Summer undergraduate student. Eli is pursuing a BS in Neuroscience and BA in Philosophy at the University of Chicago.