The Solution

The RSI Team is proud to introduce Hub-Lock - after years of first hand experience witnessing wheel loss events and accidents, we took action.  RSI has developed a solution to this troubling problem that continues to plague the trucking and auto industry.

The RSI solution: early warning and hub-lock system

Summary of Features of the Hub-Lock System

  • Provides a “window” into the internal condition of a wheel hub assembly.
  • Provides a visual temperature probe – extending a flag if the hub assembly overheats.
  • Provides a visual warning probe extending a flag that measures and reports oscillation – common to bearing failure or lock nut malfunction.
  • Provides a physical hub restraint – in the event of a bearing failure, will secure the hub assembly onto the spindle for a period of time.
  • Allows for a re-designed all temperature external hub cap, with no leak o-ring seal, and is maintenance friendly from -40 below zero to 120 above zero.
  • Includes a re-designed Hub-Lock nut with a unique pin lock system that adds a second lock to prevent the premature loosening of the lock nut assembly- Addresses the left hand rotation problem.
  • Needs no special sockets- Will allow for proper torque of nut without the socket slipping off. Removes the need to resort to a hammer and cold chisel to remove or install the lock-nut assembly.
  • Allows for inspection of nut torque by driver, mechanic, DOT official, ETC. through the oil fill hole without the removal of any oil, or disassembling of the external hub cap.
  • Provides protection for both driven and non driven wheel hub assemblies.
  • Easily visible and quickly identifiable on a vehicle walk-around inspection.
  • Designed to accept an electronic sending unit to communicate with the drivers’ compartment.
The RSI Team looks forward to hearing from you.  We will provide specific details regarding our Hub-Lock system to individuals who have serious interest in our product or who have interest in licensing our designs and investing in our company.  

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