Rajat Subhra Hazra
Assistant Professor,
Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute,
203, B.T. Road,
Office : Kolmogorov Building, Room 3.12.

Email: rajatmaths at gmail dot com

Born on March 12, 1982.
Indian Citizen.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc). Mathematics, St.Xavier's College, Kolkata, 2003.
Master of Science (M.Sc). Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta, 2006.
Ph.D. Mathematics, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, 2011.
Post Doctoral fellow, Universitat Zurich, September, 2011- July, 2014.
Assistant Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, August 2014- present


Research interests
My research interests are in extreme value theory , regularly varying functions, random matrices, free probability, operator algebra, Gaussian Free fields, Membrane models, random graphs.


Post-doctoral advisor : Erwin Bolthausen (University of Zurich).

Collaborators Arup BoseKrishanu Maulik  , Koushik Saha, Suman Guha, Shirshendu Ganguly, Riddhipratim Basu, Arijit Chakrabarty, Deepayan Sarkar, Alessandra Cipriani, Parthanil Roy, Mario V. Wüthrich, Alberto Chiarini, Ayan Bhattacharyya, Wioletta M. Ruszel, Sukrit Chakraborty, Biltu Dan

Conferences/Workshop: (As organizer)

1. Lectures in Probability and Stochastic processes- XI in ISI Delhi

2. Lectures in Probability and Stochastic processes- XII in ISI Kolkata December 15-19, 2017.

3. ISI- NETWORKS conference in Probability at ISI-Kolkata from 29th Jan to 2nd Feb, 2018.


Conference Talks and Seminar

27."Scaling limit in divisible sandpile models"- Invited talk at ISI-Networks workshop in Delft, Netherlands, June 2017.

26."Scaling limit in divisible sandpile model" - Invited talk in Probability meeting, ISI Bangalore, May 2017.

25." Divisible sandpile model" - Seminar at S.N. Bose Center, Kolkata, 8th November, 2016.

24." Some properties of the membrane model"- Invited speaker at Workshop on Stochastic process, in honor of Erwin Bolthausen's 70th birthday, September 2016

23."Regular Variation, Stable point process and Branching random walk" - Invited speaker at workshop on Stability, Extremes and Heavy tails at Fields Institute, Toronto, May 2016.

22." Scaling limit of odometer in divisible sandpiles"- Seminar at ISI Kolkata, 18th April, 2016.

21."Extremes of random Gaussian interfaces"- Invited speaker at Conference in Probability and Analysis in honour of 70th Birthday of Prof. B.V. Rao at ISI, Delhi, November 26- 29, 2015.

20."Regular Variation, Stable point process and Branching random walk"- Seminar at WIAS, Berlin, September, 2015

19. "Extremes of Gaussian free field"- Seminar at ISI, Delhi, August, 2015.

18. "Thick points for Gaussian free field"- Two random afternoons, ISI Kolkata, 2015.

17. "Thick points for Gaussian free field for different cut-offs" - Invited speaker at Extrema of Branching Processes and Gaussian Free Fields, TU/WIAS Berlin, 28-29th November, 2014.

16."From Random matrices to long range dependence"- Invited speaker at German Probability conference, Ulm, 04 March- 07 March, 2014.

15. "Gaussian free field in 4 dimensions”- Invited speaker at Recent advances in probability, Bangalore, India, 30 May– 4 July, 2013.

14. “Abel and Tauberian theorems in free probability”- Invited speaker at Informs 2013 in the session ”Heavy tails and related topics”, 15 July-17 July, 2013, Costa Rica.

13. “Random matrices with dependent entries” -Invited speaker at  Building Bridges: Probability, Statistics and Applications, on the occasion of the International Year of Statistics 2013 at Braunschweig, Germany, 13 August–16 August, 2013.

12. ”Limiting spectral distribution of Wigner matrices with dependent entries”- Invited speaker at Stochastic Process colloquium in Max-Plank Institute, Leipzig, Germany,9th April, 2013.

11.  Limiting spectral distribution of Wigner matrices with dependent entries"- Seminar at Statistics and Mathematics Unit, ISI Kolkata, January 25th, 2013.

10. "Extreme Eigenvalues of random matrices with dependent matrices"- Invited talk in Workshop of Heavy Tailed distributions and Extreme Value, Kolkata, 14th-17th January, 2013.

9. " Patterned Random Matrices: some results about the edge and bulk" -Invited talk at  IMS-APRM, Tsukuba, Tokyo, 3rd July, 2012 in the session "Extreme Values".

 8. "Patterned Random Matrices" - Zurich Stochastic Process colloquium on March 7th, 2012 at University of Zurich.

7. "Randomly Weighted sums" - an invited talk at Actuarial Colloquium in University of Lausanne (5th July, 2011) and  contributed talk at  INFORMS, Stockholm (6th July-8th July).

 6."Products under conditional extreme value model" - contributed talk at Extreme Value Analysis in Lyon, France (27th June, 2011- 1st July).

5. "Subexponentiality of free regularly varying random variables" at ICM Satellite conference on Probability and Stochastic process in Bangalore.  (13th to 17th August, 2010)

4. "Free subexponentiality and regular variation" at Probability seminar Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. (8th July, 2010)

3. "Products under conditional extreme value model" at Probability colloquium in Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. (15th October, 2009)

2." Tail probabilities of randomly weighted sums" at Joint ISI-ISM-ISSAS conference at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. (21st-22nd January, 2010)

1." Tail probability of randomly weighted sums" at Seventh international triennial Calcutta symposium, Kolkata . (28th to 31st December, 2009)