Richard Saouma

Associate Dean/Associate Professor

Eli Broad College of Business

632 Bogue St.

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824


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Latest (in presentation mode):

Treatment and Selection Effects of Formal Workplace Mentorship Programs Does mentoring really work? Using an RCT design in the field, we find overwhelming evidence that it does. More surprisingly, our results suggest that new employees who opt-into mentoring, find less benefit than those who opt-out. With Jason Sandvik, Nathan Seegert, and Christopher Stanton.

Press (links):

Why Your Mentoring Program Should Be Mandatory (Harvard Business Review 09/2022)

Why Mentorship Programs Don't Always Work (WSJ 11/1/21)

Who Benefits Most From Company Mentorship Programs (QZ 10/21/21)

In Production:

What do pivots and doubling-down look like in a Brandenburger and Stuart value framework? Stay tuned for: Strategies for the Disrupted, with Rob Wuebker and Anita McGahan.

Does in-office managerial talent predict WFH efficacy? With Jason Sandvik, Nathan Seegert, and Christopher Stanton.