Working Papers

Why is Trade Not Free? A Revealed Preference Approach (October 2023; Online Appendix; BFI Brief; VoxEu)

Joint with Arnaud Costinot, Dave Donaldson, and John Sturm

Putting Quantitative Models to the Test: An Application to Trump’s Trade War (May 2023)

Joint with Arnaud Costinot and Dave Donaldson

Revision requested by The Quarterly Journal of Economics

General Equilibrium Effects in Space: Theory and Measurement (January 2023)

Joint with Costas Arkolakis and Federico Esposito

Revision requested by the AEJ Macro

Aggregate Implications of Firm Heterogeneity: A Nonparametric Analysis of Monopolistic Competition Trade Models (November 2020) 

Joint with Costas Arkolakis and Sharat Ganapati

Worker Heterogeneity, Wage Inequality, and International Trade: Theory and Evidence from Brazil (November 2016)

Refereed Publications

Fast and Slow Technological Transitions

Joint with Martin Beraja and Nitya Pandalai-Nayar

Journal of Political Economy Macroeconomics, Accepted, 2024

Imports, Exports, and Earnings Inequality: Measures of Exposure and Estimates of Incidence  (Online Appendix; VoxDev; BFI Brief)

Joint with Paul Carrillo, Arnaud Costinot, Dave Donaldson and Dina Pomeranz

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 137(3): 1553-1614, 2022

Shift-Share Designs: Theory and Inference  (Online Appendix; Stata Code; Matlab Code; R Code)

Joint with Michal Kolesàr and Eduardo Morales

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 134(4): 1949-2010, 2019

Nonparametric Counterfactual Predictions in Neoclassical Models of International Trade 

Joint with Arnaud Costinot and Dave Donaldson

American Economic Review, 107(3): 633-89, 2017. (Lead Article)