The Map - Discussion of the various regions of the map.

Here is the map I (Mad Brew) have created that can be used for those that wish to make use of a pre-generated map.  Check the comments for more details.
Here is the map gridded, and land masses attached.  Let me know... (NewbieDM)

Here is a map with tentative land grab names laid out. Apologies if I mangled someone's name or location (Mark T)
NewbieDM edit:
Here is a copy of the hi res map file,  I'm going to hold on to it until we are done and can fill it in,  The name is a placeholder
although it's growing on me... I can later on add names and mountains and lakes and forests and all that good stuff.
The original is hi res enough to print out poster size... if anyone is into that sort of thing...
I tried to match the original land masses as much as possible, there is bound to be a minor difference somewhere along the way...

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