To Rowe or not ...

not the quintessential poet

rather a poet of few words

turning them within context

tuning them to serpent harmonies

coiled meanings, twisted finales

seemingly simple he takes our hand

as a child might, or a man, leading

or being led into an alchemist's

retort, a philosopher's stone,

his scant words like dross pile up

suddenly spiraling into gold.

– Tom Odegard 3/12/05


Author of:

Beyond Perspective (Finishing Line Press, 2015)

Winsome Losesome (Eventuality Press, 2010)

At My Wit's Beginning (Eventuality Press, 2003/2007)

Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in: Bay Area Poets Review, Brevities, Bright Stars 4: An Organic Tanka Anthology, Carquinez Poetry Review, The Crazy Child Scribbler, GRRRRR--A Collection of Poems About Bears (Arctos Press), Lilliput Review, Minotaur, Out of Our, Poetry Depth Quarterly, red lights, Remembering (anthology of Poets' Dinner contest winners), Ribbons, San Diego Poetry Annual, San Francisco Peace & Hope (online & 2015 print edition) and elsewhere.

Frequent award-winner in Artists Embassy International's Annual Dancing Poetry Festival Contests, including a Grand Prize (2002) and a First Prize (2010).

Grand Prize winner in the first Bay Area Poets Seasonal Review Contest 2010.

In 2008, served on the selection committee for the first poet laureate of Albany, California: Christina Hutchins.

Co-host of the monthly (2nd Fridays) Last Word Poetry Reading Series, held at Nefeli Caffe in Berkeley from 2003-2018.

Long-time President of the Bay Area Poets Coalition and co-editor of Poetalk journal.