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 **********  WINSOME LOSESOME  **********  


Light/ Humorous/ Whimsical


ISBN 978-1-4507-3698-5

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WINSOME LOSESOME is an all exhilarating win!

John Rowe writes from his own unique Cosmic Dimension: a diverting landscape jammed with intriguing gambols of logic and my favorite concept – understanding. Rare in the Po World – you, the reader, are actually welcome to visit. You’ll have a great time and immediately begin to send poemcards to all your friends: WISH YOU WERE HERE!

A lyric voice at its best, John Rowe’s ruminations are mind teasing, cool, and more satisfying than a play date with Plato. That voice speaks with the clarity of a shining dream: dazzling in its understatement. Like the mind turnings of Jorge Luis Borges, John Rowe poems are always a delight.    

If you buy one poetry book this millennium, don’t gamble. Win with WINSOME LOSESOME.

 Marvin R. Hiemstra - Poet & Critic

I took your book with me with a few others to read over a cappuccino, and would you know, once I started I couldn't put it down! Your effervescent and witty word-play kept me wanting to see what you would be up to next! I enjoyed the book immensely,   it left me upbeat and happy.

                            Janet Lee Butler - Award-Winning Poet & Artist

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                           What Do We Know?

                                    You don’t know
                                    the half of it.

                                    Honestly, I don’t know
                                    the other half of it.

                                    Does then the whole of it
                                    have a hole in it

                                    of equivalent size,
                                    making our I don’t know halves

                                    into one transparent whole
                                    of nothing to know?

                                    We might need to undivide
                                    our pie-sliced empty bliss

                                    in order to grow. Perhaps
                                    we can be aware of what is more

                                    than a measure of halves or wholes
                                    on our quest to know.

                                    John Rowe