The Dancing Bear - Footsbarn Theatre

The Tramp - Oerol Festival

The Chain Breakers - The Barneys

Back on the street

Inspired by his years with The Footsbarn Theatre, Daniel decided in 1979 to go back to the street where he became a successful performing artist, poetic clown, mime, and master of improvisation.

Festival Un piano sous les arbres,
Lunel Viel, France

Festival Gallo-Pins,
Saint Jouan les Guérets

1997 "Destin de Clown" with Stan Haywood and Lorand Sarna "Just for laugh" Montreal & Vancouver Comedy Festival Canada

Footsbarn Theatre

Daniel returned to Footsbarn Theatre in 1987 for "Mir Caravan 89". Tours Eastern Europe with other groups, including Russian clown Slava Polunin and his company "Licedei".

The Fools at work

The Tango Show

Fools on De Leidseplein, Amsterdam

At the Limburg festival

Improv with Johnny Melville at Oerol Festival

Bringing serious fun to festivals

The Loonies with Flip Aartsen & Eric van der Steen

Men in Green,
Lowlands 2003

The pope comes to Lowlands

The Flying Fool

Clowning around Europe

Festival of Fools in Copenhagen

with Russian performer Yevgenij Sitochin

also with Yevgenij Sitochin

With Brothers Rozenstraten

Magical music and mime

A musical cabaret mime show, The Barneys pocket show, toured Great Britain and European Theatre Festivals.

With the incredible Thom Pod

The Chrain Breakers, with Margaret Biereye

The Train, also with Margaret Biereye

The Fire Show on tour in the UK

The Fire Show on the Vondelpark Stage in Amsterdam

The tramp

The Tramp - Oerol Festival

Pierre François the Stuntman - Oerol -

Rougham Fayre (Great Britain)

2004 Hare Krishna show

with Eric van der Steen, Annette Hildebrandt, Debby Mulholland, Carla van der Steen, Judika Leszmann, Saar van Gerwen and Henry Kalb

Many faces, Many Places

with Rod Bedall

Daniel's Fools Party at the Spiegeltent at Oerol Festival

Top: "Woyzeck" with German Theatre Company Ton und Kirschen Theater (1993) Bottom: from "La Strada"

1992 "La Strada" inspired from Fellini. With Agneska Bihel and Misty Veugen.

1995 "Fools" revival With Johnny Melville & Jango Edwards, Vondelpark, Amsterdam.

1996 "Destin de Clowns" with Stan Haywood, Jim Sernesky & Eric Van de Steen, Festival Modern Clowns, Amsterdam

1998/2002 Trio RRR with acrobats and slapstick artists De Rozenstraten

2007 Dutch Revue Clini-Clowns, Het Koninkrijk der Zintuigen

2008 - 2012

Daniel Rovai & Friends

Comedy Good Time Band

Tour Holland, Germany, Sardainia

With Jim Sernesky, Lorand Sarna, Stanley Haywood & Judika Leszmann


Dan & Stan - Rendez-vous

Beckett Festival (Enniskilen Northern Ireland) Holland

& French Festivals + Gallo-Pins, Un Piano sous les arbres (Lunel-Viel)