Dr. Rose Catherine Kanjirathinkal

I completed my Doctoral studies at Carnegie Mellon University, in the Language Technologies Institute of the School of Computer Science, in September 2018. My advisor was Prof. William Cohen. My thesis focused on improving Recommender Systems and their explanation capabilities using Deep Learning. My research interests are broadly in the areas of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Web Search Engines, Semi-supervised & Unsupervised Learning, Natural Language Processing, Social Media Analysis and Big Data Analytics. 

Prior to joining CMU, I was a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research - India from July 2009 to July 2014, where I worked on different projects including information extraction and ranking of résumés for jobs, search and retrieval on noisy problem ticket data, and answer extraction from crowd-sourced social media data, in the Human Language Technologies Department. Starting 2013, my research focused on machine log and Big Data analytics in the Information & Analytics Department

Prior to joining IBM Research, I completed my M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engg. from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) in 2009, and B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engg. from National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC) in 2007. At IITB, I worked with Prof. S. Sudarshan, the author of the famous DB Book. My Masters Thesis was on the research problem of graph clustering for keyword search, using the technique of random walks on graphs. 

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