Friday, August 25, 2007

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Subject Assignment
General If all of your assignments are complete, you do not have homework over the weekend. Don't hesitate to learn something new and interesting and tell us about it on Monday.
Math In class complete the two digit multiplication worksheet. Have your math partner attempt to figure out and explain any problems that you had.
Spelling We had our first spelling test today. Any words that were misspelled are carried over to next week's test.
Science We listened to live webcast of Science Friday today and completed the related activities on the web page. If you were absent, please listen to the podcast.
Reading In class retell the pages of Old Yeller that we read yesterday.
Social Studies Read the last five pages of the textbook chapter on the Tohono O'odham. In class write up a list of five questions to ask our guest speaker who is scheduled for next Tuesday.
Music We learned a simple Native American flute melody today using our three notes. If you are unsure of how it goes, watch this space for a link to a recording of your teacher playing it and relisten as often as you'd like at home.

Thursday, August 24, 2007

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Subject Assignment
Math In class we graphed the number of pages that were read in Old Yeller and made a histogram in Excel. We calculated mean, median, and mode. At home think about what other data could be put into the same type of calculations to find interesting results.
Spelling We took the five longest words from the first ten pages of Old Yeller, discussed their meanings, verified them with the dictionary, and added them to our spelling list. We identified some ways to help remember their spelling. Practice the words at home. Keep track of how long you study. There will be a test tomorrow. We will later examine the relationship between study time and performance in math.
Science In class complete the near earth objects web quest. At home decide which kind of object you would like to investigate further and what questions you would like to answer about the object.
Reading Begin reading Old Yeller in class. We read at slightly different speeds, but the majority of the class finished 13 to 17 pages. If you finished fewer pages, then we will try to increase your speed, partially through practice at home. If you finished fewer than 13 pages, then read to page 15 for homework. If you read more pages, be sure that you remember what happened in the story.
Social Studies Read the first five pages of the textbook chapter on the Tohono O'odham in class.
Art We studied pictures of the Tohono O'odham and their art in class. At home think about which pieces of artwork it would the interesting and feasible to create yourself. What questions would you need to answer to do a feasibility study.

Wednesday, August 23, 2007

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Subject Assignment
Music We practiced the notes A, B, and C today. Review these notes at home so that they aren't forgotten before the next music lesson. You should be able to recognize them on the music staff.

Tuesday, August 22, 2007

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Subject Assignment
General Brainstorm a list of rules for class conduct. At home think about what the consequences should be for violating the rules.

Monday, August 21, 2007

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Subject Assignment
General In class complete the first page of the personal information sheet. At home think about the answers to the questions on the second page. In particular, ask yourself what it is you would like to learn this year and how you would like to go about learning it.

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