2011/06/25 Version
  • Fixed slow startup problem
  • Fixed some force close problem

2011/06/24 Version 1.6.1
  • Added adjust image brightness,contrast & gamma function
  • Redesign go to function
  • Added "My bookshelf", "Delete book" and "Delete current file" to the actions list for customize
  • Modified bookshelf folder select method
  • Modified main menu layout
  • Fixed the file browser will stop generate thumb in some time
  • Fixed random crash while reading RAR/CBR file
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed
2011/05/14 Version
  • Fixed some bug in "Auto single page" mode
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed
2011/05/09 Version
  • Fixed "Auto dual page" problem in Left to right mode
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed
2011/05/08 Version
  • Fixed first page & last page not work
  • Fixed the problem in "Auto single page" mode
  • Other minor bugs fixed
2011/05/06 Version 1.6
  • Added "Auto dual page". Will use more memory. recommend device memory have 384 mb or above 
  • Added support LZH archive
  • Added color invert function
  • Added show memory usage function
  • Added option to show time & battery(Default off)
  • Added option to enable or disable touch control (Default enable)
  • Added option to enable or disable multi-touch control (Default enable)
  • Bookshelf now can contain more books
  • Sort by file name now can choose numeric or string sort 
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed
2011/03/30 Version
  • Fixed some force close problem

2011/03/28 Version
  • Fixed some force close problem

2011/03/27 Version
  • Tweaked UI layout for High-resolution devices
  • Fixed some force close problem

2011/03/26 Version
  • Fixed can't assign touch screen function problem
  • Fixed some force close problem

2011/03/26 Version 1.5.3
  •  Image cache will now applied smooth filter after image loaded (use more memory)
  •  Bookshelf data is stored to external storage card(will clear current data)
  •  Added bookshelf category filter
  •  Added option to save the thumbnails data to the external storage card (create thumbnail slowed down), default off
  •  Max zoom to 300%, Will stop at 100% once, Can continue to enlarge
  •  Added display page header
  •  Added "Bookmark and exit" and "Assign touch screen function" to the actions list for customize
  •  Open the ZIP file now is faster
  •  Adjust some of the user interface
  •  Fixed set wallpaper "Use current screen" will enlarge in sometimes

2011/03/05 Version 1.5.1
  • Added the option of scrolling distance.
  • Back key and Search key now is customizable
  • Fixed slow startup problem
  • Fixed some force close problem

2011/03/01 Version 1.5a
  • Fixed may cause force close on Android version below 2.2
2011/02/28 Version 1.5
  • Added My bookshelf function(Must specify the bookshelf folder first)
  • Page start position added Reading direction(Horizontal scroll)
  • Rewrite fling gesture
  • Improved speed of opening archive file
  • Open the folder/archive file now will automatically return to last viewed page
  • Open archive file Now can choose list files or view it
  • Fixed some GIF file background color is incorrect 
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed
2011/01/25 Version 1.4.5
  • Added page transition effect
  • Added slideshow function
  • Added backlight control(Need turn off auto backlight)
  • Image smaller than screen now can scale to fit the screen
  • Thumbnail can choose full or crop(Need restart)
  • Tweaked pinch-to-zoom
  • Added support Tegra2 CPU(No FPU optimize). Need test Tegra2 user please give some feedback 
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed

2011/01/11 Version 1.4a
  • Added option to disable fling gesture
  • Fixed Show file extensions option
  • Fixed some device FC problem

2011/01/06 Version 1.4
  • Supported scrolling & flip with fling(swipe) gesture
  • Supported scrolling with trackball
  • Supported APP2SD
  • Added file sort(file name,date,size)
  • Added show hidden files(Default off)
  • Added show file extensions(Default off)
  • Added fullscreen toggle in preferences(Default on)
  • Move Assign key function to main menu and removed Show screen function
  • Long tap history or bookmark item can delete it
  • Added data clean in main menu to clean history,bookmarks & favorites
  • Other minor tweak & bugs fixed
2010/12/18 Version 1.3.2
  • Changed create thumbnail behavior
  • Thumbnail cache store as JPEG for reduce memory usage
  • Thumbnail cache limited to 5MB
  • Added goto upper folder when open file browser(Default off)
  • Fixed set as wallpaper not functional
  • Fixed may cause force close in create thumbnail
  • Fixed may cause force close in startup    

2010/12/12 Version 1.3.1b
  • Fixed switch screen orientation problem 
2010/12/12 Version 1.3.1a
Fixed Favorites management can't edit or delete favorites
Fixed maybe crash on startup 
2010/12/11 Version 1.3.1
  • Added simple file operation(delete,rename) in file browser by long tap item.
  • New application icon
  • Fixed Sharp IS01 can't full screen(need test)

2010/12/09 Version 1.3a
  • Fixed history menu problem
  • Fixed rotate screen in file browser may cause force close
2010/12/08 Version 1.3
  • Added support GIF (non animated) and BMP image file
  • NEON optimized JPEG and PNG decoder, Improved 10 ~ 50% decode speed on ARMv7 CPU
  • Added thumbnail display in file browser (don't use it if memory not enough)
  • Added Averaging v2 for image resampling
  • Added low memory mode, Reduce the memory usage while decoding JPEG file, but it reduces the image quality too
  • Added wallpaper setting function
  • Added Quick Setup feature
  • New file name sort method (sort file name like windows explorer)
  • Renamed the bookmark to favorites, and added new simple bookmark function
  • 7z file now supports Deflate streaming
  • History now integrated into the main menu
  • Minimum require OS version back to 1.6, but multi-touch features still need 2.1+
  • Other minor bugs fixed

2010/12/15 Version 1.2
  • Added show battery on status bar
  • Fixed CPU usage maybe incorrect

2010/11/22 Version 1.1a
  • Fixed network meter problem
2010/11/20 Version 1.1
  • Added 2x1 widget
  • Customizable what meter to show
  • New network traffic meter(current or total)
  • Improved icon quality
  • Reduce CPU usage

2010/10/31 Version 1.0
  • First version