Perfect Viewer

Perfect Viewer is a software for the Android-powered devices(phone or tablet). Provides high speed and high image quality for viewing comic/image file. It allows you to view many image formats on your devices, It also allows you to view comic/image file inside the archive files without extract them. Touch screen optimized user interface and gesture control makes it more powerful and easy to use.

Supported Operating System
  • Android 2.2 or later

Supported CPU Architectures

  • ARMv6
  • ARMv7(Cortex-A8 neon optimized)
  • ARMv7(Cortex-A9)
  • MIPS
  • X86

Main Features

  • Turn black/white image into 4 colorize image(Only available for donated users. Need install Perfect Viewer donation application).
  • Page layout: Auto single page, Auto dual page, Auto switch by screen orientation
  • Supported image file format: JPEG,PNG,BMP,GIF(non animate)
  • Supported archive file format: CBZ/ZIP,CBR/RAR,7Z/CB7(non solid archive),LZH
  • Smooth filters: Averaging, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3
  • Five view mode: Full size, Fit Screen, Fit Width, Fit Height, Fixed size
  • Supported bookshelf function
  • Supported Left-to-right & right-to-left reading
  • Set image as wallpaper
  • Browse image in folder/archive as thumbnail
  • Supported pinch to zoom & fling/swipe gesture
  • Supported slideshow function
  • Simple bookmark function
  • My favorites management
  • Cache next and previous page
  • Auto single page & Auto dual page
  • Simple file management(delete, rename)
  • Adjust image brightness,contrast & gamma

Recent updates

  • Added cache network file to local function. Default off
  • Added magnifier zoom option 1x ~ 3x
  • Image sharpen level now is adjustable
  • Fixed SMB/CIFS next/previous book function
  • Now supported Android L
  • Some UI has been tweaked
Click here to see some screenshot of Perfect Viewer.

GUI Localization

Please help us to localize Perfect Viewer to suit your language.
If you are willing to help, You can download the English language file from here.

Available languages and translator
  • English  –  RookieStudio
  • Traditional Chinese  –  RookieStudio
  • Simplified Chinese  –  RookieStudio
  • Japanese  –  RookieStudio
  • German  –  Dominik Köppl
  • Russian  –  Евгений Грибачев, Anton Bondarenko
  • French  –  Vincent
  • Italian  –  Stefano Papaleo
  • Korean  –  노아
  • Slovenian  –  CodeWell4
  • Spanish  –  LOLO ROLDAN
  • Hungarian  –  gidano
  • Polski  –  grzegorz pabich
  • Portuguese  –  Gustavo Silva
  • Romanian  –  Radu-Alexandru Ionita


Perfect Viewer is free software

You can use Perfect Viewer on any Android-powered devices, including a device in a commercial organization. You don't need to register or pay for Perfect Viewer.


Latest stable version:

Perfect Viewer PDF Plugin