Trading Guidelines

(adapted from Chris Drosner's policies)

I don't really have any hard-and-fast rules, but operate under one general rule of thumb: the trade should be fair and agreed-upon by both parties. I usually lean on the Beckett pricing for this, just to ensure the packages are close. Otherwise I abide by the general rules of the trading community - secure packaging, good communication, etc. I'd prefer if you e-mail me before sending anything so I can ensure return fire, but surprise packages are OK. I'm not overly concerned about commons for commons or SPs for SPs or RCs for RCs, etc. If you are, that's fine - just let me know. If you ever get a postage due package from me or your package is shorted, let me know and I'll make it right.

I have a ton of baseball from about the 1970's-present. In general, I have a lot of singles, as well as parallels and inserts.   My trade lists are quite extensive, and I try to update them frequently.  Having said that, I have plenty of cards to swap that are NOT on my trade lists.... and I will be happy to go over any want lists that you have.   I have many cards from before 1980, especially 1972 - 1977.  I have a limited amount of cards from sports other than baseball; mostly G/U and AUTOS, as opposed to base set fillers.  I'm pretty sure that I can help most traders with their collections.

I'm a life long Pittsburgh Pirate fan.  My primary collecting focus is to add Pirate cards that I don't already have to my collection.  I am not interested in trading for bulk lots of Pirates, as I already have well over 10,000 Pirate dupes.  I have most Topps vintage Pirates, but can use upgrades on some of the earlier stuff.  I also need  several of the high series Pirates, as well as a number of Clemente singles.  Most of the modern Pirate stuff I'm looking for is the #ed / SP / parallel stuff.  I also am a set builder, both vintage sets and selected modern stuff.  Almost everyone has some dupes that I'd be happy to trade for!

My oldest son Toby is an avid New York Yankee fan, with a special interest in Reggie Jackson items.  He is an advanced collector; and I try my best to help him out with his want lists.  If you have any cool NYY / Reggie stuff to trade, lmk, and I'll see if Toby can use it.

Take a look at some of my links.  If you think you can help me out and would like to try to trade.... please contact me via email: