I am an assistant professor at the mathematics department at the Technion.

Before joining the Technion I was an ETH-fellow at ETH Zurich and a Ph.D. student at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem mentored by Noam Berger.

I am part of the Technion Probability Group

Research interests:

My research lies in the interface of probability theory, analysis, mathematical physics and combinatorics. I work on probabilistic models originating in statistical physics such as percolation, random walks in random environments, growth models and random matrices. I am also interested in high-dimensional combinatorics and more specifically in the study of simplicial complexes with the help of combinatorial and probabilistic techniques.

Contact information:

Phone: +972 77-887-1437

Office: Amado 714

Address: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,

Department of Mathematics,

Haifa 32000, Israel.

Email: ron.ro@technion.ac.il