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Research in the laboratory of Ron Hills at University of New England involves
the development and application of multiscale simulation techniques to elucidate the role of lipid-protein interactions in membrane protein function.

  • A position Job Ad is currently available for a research assistant or postdoctoral associate as part of our NSF grant.
  • Jessica White and Katie Chalmers received the 2017 NSF REU Summer Research Fellowship in Molecular Modeling. The annual program is 10 weeks in duration and comes with a $5,000 stipend:  REU Application Form
Research Areas:
  • Development of multiscale and coarse-grained models for protein assemblies
  • Lipid-protein membrane interactions and protein conformational change
  • Multidrug resistance mediated by ABC transporters

Ronald D. Hills Jr, Ph.D.  [vitae]
Associate Professor
Editorial Board, AIMS Molecular Science
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of New England
716 Stevens Avenue
Portland, Maine 04103
(207) 221-4049
Email: rhills at une dot edu
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