Mission Statement

  Furniture that performs… beautifully!

Services: Design, Construction, Finishing and Repair of fine furniture.

Contact Info:

Email:   jeff@roltgenswoodworks.com
Phone: 605-431-2873

Mission Statement

In a world of mass produced soul-less products, it's hard to find the “genuine
article”, regardless of what that article might be. I have discovered that furniture
craftsmanship and artistry are in harmony with my spirit - I hereby commit myself
to produce products that qualify for the label “genuine article” as much as my
physical and mental capacities are able to support. If you are able to satisfy
your practical and aesthetic needs through the use of the articles I produce,
then I truly am privileged to serve you.

Now – What can I do for you?

All copyrights are reserved for all works represented in this website. Plans may
be obtained for a fee by contacting the artist, Jeffrey T Roltgen.