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Check out the sections on:
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In addition, the Photo Albums section provides links to different albums located on a private Picasa website. There are photos of pre-war residents of Rohatyn, postcards of Rohatyn, photos of members’ trips to Rohatyn, and photos of pre-war residents from neighboring towns.  I strongly encourage members to share old photos showing groups of people or families from Rohatyn, and of those photos that have unidentified people or places.  If you would like a copy of a photo or want to use information or media contained on this site or in associated photo albums, please ask permission from myself or from the submitter of the information before extracting it from this site.

Explanation of sections:
The Databases section:
    Each page discusses a document or topic for which a list of names of Rohatyn residents and corresponding information has been transcribed. This section contains all the information that we have available onsite for researching a specific surname. 
The Family Pages section: 
    This section provides a space for members to place their family trees and provide stories and links to photos. I encourage all members to provide a basic family tree that does not need to have living members (to protect privacy). It would be interesting to see how we can all connect our families. 
The History section: 
    This section is divided by time period corresponding to the prevailing government at the time. Within each time period a chronological outline is given of events related to the town of Rohatyn. 
The Geography section: 
    This section provides regional and city maps, and other geographical information related to Rohatyn. 
The Archives (Researching Rohatyn) section:
    This section contains information on how to access information about Rohatyn outside of this site, whether they are links to other websites or locations of archives around the world.



P.S.  If you have any questions or comments, you can write to me at rohatynshtetl@gmail.com.