Teaching stuff

Communication and Writing in Academia: A few references

  1. Writing styles

  2. Data Visualizations

Some useful references for applied financial advice

  1. Long term portfolios.

  2. Corporate Finance

My own recent teaching

  • Executive MBA: Macro Business Environment

  • Corporate Finance (Exective MBA, Undergraduate)

  • PhD Empirical Corporate Finance II

  • International Financial Management (Graduate / Executive)

  • Entrepreneurial Finance (Executive / Graduate / Undergraduate)

  • Strategic Finance (Professional Masters / Executive)

  • International Business / Global Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate)

  • Formal Business Strategy (Market & Non Market Strategy)

Previous Teaching (Tufts & Harvard)

  • International Economics (undergraduate, Tufts)

  • International Finance (undergraduate, Tufts)

  • Entrepreneurial Finance (undergraduate, Tufts)

  • Development Policy Strategy (TF for Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard)

  • International Trade & Investment (TF for Marc Melitz, Harvard College)

Useful References

Financial Economics References

  • Tirole's Textbook "The Theory of Corporate Finance" [link]

  • Cochrane's "Asset Pricing" (Revised Edition) [link]

  • Campbell, Lo, MacKinlay. "Econometrics of Financial Markets" [link]

  • Oliver Hart's "Financial Contracting" (2001). J Econ Lit. [link]

  • Oliver Hart's book "Firms, Contracts and Financial Structure" (1995). [link]

Macro & Macro-Finance References

  • Obstfeld & Rogoff "Foundations of International Economics" (link)

  • Barro & Sala-i-Martin "Economic growth" (link)

  • Acemoglu "Introduction to Modern Economic Growth" [link]

  • Mishkin "The Economics of Money, Banking and Finacial Markets" (link)

  • Ed Leamer's book "Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories : A guide for MBA students" [link]

Econometrics References

Contract Theory and Organizational Econ and Related References

  • Bolton & Dewatripont "Contract Theory" (link)

  • Background paper on "Contract Theory" by Nobel Prize Committee (link)

  • Ind. Org.

      • Handbook of Industrial Organization [link]

      • Tirole's textbook "The Theory of Industrial Organization" [link]

Corporate Governance

  • Monks & Minow " Corporate Governance" 5th Ed [link]

  • "Corporate Governance a practical guide" London Stock Exchange & RSM Robson Rhodes LLP [link]

  • Guia para la gobernanza efectiva de fundaciones y corporaciones en Chile (link)

  • Chilean Laws: Ley de Sociedades Anonimas Chile [link] | Various financial markets laws for Chile [link]

Political Economics & Non-Market Strategy

  • Persson & Tabellini "Political Economics: Explaining Economic Policy" [link]

  • Grossman and Helpman "Special Interest Politics" [link]

  • James Q Wilson "Bureucracy (Ch 1-2)" [link]

  • David Baron "Business and its Environment".