Rodrigo A. Velez
Associate Professor
Department of Economics, Texas A&M University
4228 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4228

Tel: (979) 862-8082
Office: 3065 Allen Building

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Welcome to my webpage. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Texas A&M University.  My main interest is Behavioral Mechanism Design, i.e., to inform the design of economic institutions with regularities observed in laboratory experiments and empirical data.  I am particularly interested in common-ownership resource allocation problems; examples of these are a partnership dissolution, school choice, fair division, and rent division.  I am also interested in Market Design, Algorithmic Game Theory, and extreme-case scenario welfare analysis.

Working Papers 

Sequential preference revelation in incomplete information settings (with Jim Schummer), 2018 pdf.

- Empirical equilibrium (with Alex Brown), 2018 Arxiv.

Publications (peer reviewed; reverse order)

-  ACM DL Author-ize service Equitable Rent DivisionACM Transactions on Economics and Computation (TEAC), Volume 6 Issue 2, October 2018

- Fair rent division on a budget, (with Ariel Procaccia and Dingli Yu)  AAAI-18: Proc. 32nd AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Feb 2018; Pre-print (submitted version)

- Divide and compromise (with Antonio NicoloMathematical Social Sciences (special issue in honor of Herve Moulin)  90, 100-110 (2017) Pre-print. ScienceDirect access here.

- Inequity-averse preferences in general equilibrium, Journal of Mathematical Economics 70, 166-175 (2017) Pre-print; ScienceDirect access here.

- Sharing an increase of the rent fairly,  Social Choice and Welfare (special issue in honor of William Thomson) 48(1), 59-80 (2017) Pre-print (presentation pdf and tex). SpringerLink access here.

- The costs and benefits of  symmetry in common-ownership allocation problems (with Alex Brown), Games and Economic Behavior 96 (2016) 115-131. Pre-print. ScienceDirect access here.

- Fairness and externalitiesTheoretical Economics 11 (2016) 381-410. Open access here

- Sincere and sophisticated players in an equal-income market,  Journal of Economic Theory 157 (2015) 1114-1129EC'13 extended abstract here; Pre-print. ScienceDirect access here.

- Consistent strategy-proof assignment by hierarchical exchange, Economic Theory 56:1 (2014) 125-156. Pre-printSpringerlink access here.

The price of imperfect competition for a spanning network (with Herve Moulin), Games and Economic Behavior 81 (2013) 11-26 (Pre-print; Presentation in pdf and tex) SicenceDirect access here.

- Let them cheat! (with William ThomsonGames and Economic Behavior 75:2 (2012) 948-963 (Pre-print; presentation in pdf); ScienceDirect access here.

- Are incentives against economic justice? Journal of Economic Theory 146 (2011) 326-345 (Pre-print; presentation in pdf and tex); ScienceDirect access here.

- Reflecting inequality of claims in gains and losses (with Yoichi KasajimaEconomic Theory 46: 2 (2011) 283-295 (Pre-print; presentation in pdf); Springerlink access here.

- Non-proportional inequality preserving rationing (with Yoichi KasajimaJournal of Mathematical Economics 46 (2010) 1079-1092 (Pre-print; presentation in pdf); ScienceDirect access here.

Invited publications

- Back to original frugality, ACM SIGecom Exchanges, Vol. 12, No. 1, June 2013, Pages 49-52. Open access

Works in progress

- Partial incentive compatibility.

- Efficiency of an equal-income market among surplus-motivated agents.

- Balanced house allocation (with Xinghua Long).

- Strategic sincerity in uniform rationing (with Jim Schummer).

- Monotonicity of preferences and the manipulation of the equal-sacrifice solution.

- Consistent queueing rules (with William Thomson).


- Fall 2018: Econ 323-502&503 and Econ 629.
- Fall 2017: Econ 323-501&502 and Econ 629.
- Spring 2017: Econ 323-502&503
- Fall 2016: Econ 629
- Summer 2016: Math camp for Econ Ph.D.
- Spring 2016: Econ 323-502&503
- Fall 2015: Econ 629
- Summer 2015: Math camp for Econ Ph.D.
- Spring 2015: Econ 323-502&503
- Fall 2014: Econ 629
- Summer 2014: Math camp Econ Ph.D.
- Fall 2013: Econ 629 and Econ 631
- Spring 2013 (teaching release)
Fall 2012: Econ 629 and Econ 631 
Spring 2012: Econ 323
Fall 2011: Econ 629
- Summer 2011: The Theory of Market Design (Universidad del Norte).
Spring 2011: Econ 323 
- Fall 2010: Econ 629
- Spring 2010: Econ 323
Fall 2009: Econ 629


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- Texas A&M Econ Dept Working paper series here
Department of Economics, University of Rochester.
Math. Department, Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Medellin.
IMPA, National Institute of Pure and Applied Math; Brazil.
EAFIT, School of Business, Finance, and Technology; Medellin.
- Media engagement: Today show (2008) here.