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Margie Soileau


Rocky Mountain Regional Director

Planting in Harmony with Nature

Gardens are unique places where, as gardeners, we are privileged to get up close to the natural world. But gardening with nature also makes you realize how precious it is. Our impact on the planet is well documented, and it is up to us to adopt more environmentally conscious ways of living.

Artificial fertilizers and pesticides are energy-intensive to manufacture and carry many undesirable side effects, from polluting rivers to harming beneficial insects and soil life. A natural approach such as adding organic materials to the soil to build long-term soil fertility and planting flowers to attract pest predators avoids these negative impacts while creating a livelier, healthier garden.

Plant trees! Trees lock up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate the effects of our changing climate. In addition, planting trees is great for wildlife, and trees offer birds somewhere to nest, feed, and shelter.

Much of our waste can be composted. Garden-made compost is often richer in valuable nutrients. Make your compost and enjoy a free source of natural fertilizer to feed your soil and the plants growing in it.

Nature gives us lots for free. Set up barrels to collect rainfall, rake up fallen leaves to make leaf mold, the perfect material for improving soil structure.

Of course, growing fruits, vegetables or herbs, and plants that naturally thrive in your location mean you will enjoy more success. This is also a big step to a more Earth-friendly lifestyle. So, remember, when we plant in harmony with nature, we create harmony and peace within ourselves.

I look forward to these next two years as the RMR Director. My husband, Ray, and I love to travel so I hope to have an opportunity to visit each state in the region.

Take care and have fun in your gardens.

Margie Soileau,

RMR Director


I pledge to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet earth and promise to promote education so we may become caretakers of our air, water, forests, land and wildlife.

Our beautiful Region includes the States of Colorado, Kansas,

Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.

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