Fee Structure

This Club is organized by volunteers.  The dues collected cover Swimming Newfoundland fees, Swim Canada, insurance, coaching, etc. We have had strong growth and success since the club began in 2006 and we hope to continue building over time.


Club Fee Structure

 ·      ROCKSWIM Registration: $150 - $200 membership per session (includes fees for registration with Swim NL/Swim Canada).

·    Receipts for annual membership dues will be issued.  

Refunds for annual membership are not available after September 31 of each year.

Membership Refund requests for the current year can be made via email to the Rocky Island Masters Swim (ROCKSWIM ) Club (only prior to Sep 31).  Refunds will be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Only the club portion of funds, will be provided if the member requests a refund and has NOT participated in a club activity. No refunds will be provided for that portion of the fees already paid to Swimming Newfoundland and Labrador and /or  Swimming Canada.

If, by October 31, the Club Coaches have assessed and judged that a member does not have the swim ability to maintain the basic swim requirements for the club swims, the swimmer may be asked by the Club Executive to resign and a refund may be granted.