What's an Easement?

What's an easement?

A conservation easement is an agreement between a land owner and a qualified easement holder to protect a property from development while maintaining the land's original ownership.

Rockburn Land Trust (RLT) is one of the oldest easement holders in Maryland. Some properties qualify to be protected through the RLT as well as the Maryland Environmental Trust (MET). The easement is recorded as a restriction on a property deed, binding all present and future owners to its specific conditions, including the relinquishment of development rights. Easements typically allow for additions and modifications of structures and normal agricultural activities. The owner retains all rights other than the conservation restrictions specified in the easement.

Want to learn more?

Visit the Maryland Environmental Trust (MET) for more information on how to create a conservation easement and for current Federal and State tax benefits.

Also, a grant from the Howard County Government may be available to help cover fees when establishing an easement.

Please contact us at rbltrust@gmail.com to begin protecting your land in a conservation easement.