What is the Rockburn Land Trust?

The Rockburn Land Trust (RLT) works with Maryland land owners and citizens in the Patapsco Valley Watershed to achieve protected land conservation for future generations.

RLT does this through conservation easements, land monitoring, and advocacy. The bulk of our easements are in the Elkridge and Ellicott City regions, and we have easements in both Howard and Baltimore Counties. RLT encourages the protection of land including smaller properties that meet the RLT criteria.

Together we can make a difference!

Our Mission

The founding mission of the Rockburn Land Trust (RLT) is to promote for the benefit of the general public the preservation, protection, and balanced use of natural resources in the Patapsco Valley Watershed including the acquisition and holding of conservation easements and other real property interests.

The RLT also aims to increase community, appreciation, and understanding of the natural environment though the protection and preservation of valuable open space land. This is for the enjoyment, education, and benefit of present and future generations.