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Rochester, NY's #1 ghost walk!

2013 Season Ghost Walk Information
Celebrating 10 years haunting Rochester!

$10 adult tickets for any ghost walk in 2013!
One of the most affordable Halloween attractions in the greater Rochester area!

"A creepy, informative Halloween alternative for families" -City Newspaper

Welcome to Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks, Rochester, NY's #1 ghost walking tours for 10 seasons! If you're looking for REAL ghosts, you've come to the right place. Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks' tours take you through the REAL haunted Rochester, sharing Rochester's unique history and infamous true ghost stories for an unforgettable experience. Come experience the only tours in Rochester that actually interacts with the ghosts and lets you in on the action!

Only we can bring you Rochester's REAL ghosts!

"The informal, interactive atmosphere was a hit."
-City Newspaper

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Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks