I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Iona College. From 2017-2018 I was a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind Program at Franklin and Marshall College. From 2015-2017 I was a Lecturer in Philosophy at King's College London. From 2014-2015 I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Alabama. My research interests include philosophy of mind (especially action and moral psycho
logy) and psychology, metaphysics (especially free will), and bioethics (including neuroethics and medical ethics).

Robyn Repko Waller
Department of Philosophy
Iona College
New Rochelle, NY 10801
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Recent workshops/talks/seminars:

In May and June 2018 I was a Fellow in the Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy program at Duke University. 

"Disorders of Agency: Control and Psychotherapy", Franklin and Marshall Philosophy Seminar Series (November 2017)

“Updates in the Libet Paradigm and Implications for Free and Morally Appraisable Agency”, London Mind Group, UK (June 2017)

Commentator, “Reasons as Explanations”, Eastern APA (January 2017)

Commentator, “Attention as Selection for Action: A Challenge” (A. Henry), Minds Online Conference (September 2016)

“A worry for the dual process theory of moral judgment”, at the International Scientific Conference on Neuroethics and Third Conference of the Italian Society for Neuroethics (SINe), University of Padua, Italy, May 2016

    Same paper @ King's College London, Philosophy and Psychology Seminar Series, June 2016

“Cognitive enhancement” Imperial College London Socratic Society, May 2016

"Manipulation, agency, and responsibility: Some empirical and normative considerations", Keynote address, 2016 Annual Ratio Conference, Reading, UK, April 2016

"Free Will and neuroscience", Speaker, Philosophy Conference for Sixth Formers, North London Collegiate School, February 2016

“Advancements in the Libet paradigm and implications for free and appraisable agency”, Workshop on Neuroscience and Responsibility, Gothenburg Moral Responsibility Research Initiative, Gothenburg, Sweden, November 2015

”What Neuroscience can and cannot tell us about free will”, at the King’s College London Philosophy Society, October 2015