Solar Oven 2.0

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Here's my solar oven with Acrylic Mirrors.  The mirrors are removable for storage, and maybe one day portability.  It's a simple plywood box, lined with cardboard for insulation and a black aluminum box on the inside as the cooking chamber.  The top is thin glass, which needs a better seal than a strip of duct tape (all hail mighty duct tape!) to keep the hot air in.

Note:  I found that by simply running a strip of masking tape along the top of the cooker and the edge of the glass to seal the hot air in, I can get temps over 250F.

Click for pictures of the cardboard and foil Solar Oven 1.0

 Solar Oven Field Test #1: (photos on right)

I cooked four hot dogs to an internal temp of 181F in roughly 40 minutes on 6/7/08.

Time      Hot Dog (F)    Oven(F)
11:45          53            113

11:50          75            150

12:00        114            164

12:05        125            175

12:10        143            188

12:15        156            194

12:20        167            199+

12:25        181            199+ 

12:20        167            199+ (thermometer only went up to 200F)

Solar Oven Field Test #2: (photos on right)

I baked bread rolls in 2 1/2 hours, at a max temp of 260F, on 6/8/08

Time   Oven(F)

12:00   168 (Preheated with black ceramic tiles in the bottom)

12:15    183

12:30    201

12:45    205

 1:00     213

 1:15    222

  1:30    231

  1:45    246

  2:00    258      So hot it's cool!

  2:15    249 (clouds)

  2:30    253 

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Finished Construction:

Field Test #1

11:45 hot dogs in cold oven, in the bottom right corner you can see the internal temp of the hot dog is 62F.

12:20 The cooked dogs an internal temp of 181F.  Wah-hoo!!!

Field Test #2 

Preheating tiles and oven without mirrors - 167F

Dough dropped on hot black glazed bathroom tiles, brushed with a little extra virgin olive oil

Oven sealed up and starting to bake

2 1/2 hours later they're done and lightly browned

The finished product - Them's Good Eatin'!