Professional Learning

Nutrition is my passion and I'm always looking to expand my knowledge.

CDR Portfolio:

I am current with my CEU hours as of the 2013 registration period.

I am currently renewing my Professional Development Portfolio for the registration period of 2013-2017. 

Student Learning

  • M.S. Healthcare Policy and Management

    • Practicum Paper
      • Fast food outlets and public schools in Suffolk County: A comparison of site locations and the possible effect on prevalence of childhood overweight
    • Elective Courses:
      • Health Information and Communication Systems
      • E-Healthcare: E-commerce and E-care
  • Dietetic Internship

    • Completed internship concurrently with MS degree
    • Elective Rotation in Research


  • B.S. Applied Nutrition

    • Senior Project:
      • Development of a self-monitoring tool for compliance with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    • Elective Courses:
      • Internship: Peer Health Education
      • Organizational Leadership
      • Critical Evaluation of Nutrition Research
      • World Food Systems
      • Global Race and Ethnic Relations