Client Comments

"I have had many therapists in the past 10+ years and I have found Robin Mize to be the most helpful. She is engaging, warm, open, and insightful providing great perspective to life's challenges. I feel like she cares and is engaged in helping me improve my emotional life as well as the things in my life that challenge my life balance and serenity. I have Joy and Happiness in my life today and did not when I started with Robin less than a year ago."

"Robin's wisdom, sense of humor, and compassion for both members of a marriage in crisis helped us see our way clear to being able to talk about the real option of separation in a non-combative way, and to ultimately decide to stay together. We are no longer miserable, and incredibly, still together. We couldn't be where we are without Robin."

"I started therapy with Robin due to issues concerning grief, depression, anxiety, and work related unhappiness. I have found my time with her to be remarkable; she is kind, patient, and compassionate; she has allowed me to work through very difficult issues at my own pace, and comfort level. I have always felt supported; safe to explore and gain awareness into my issues, and move forward, rather than being "stuck." Her mindful approach to the therapy has assisted me as I have worked along, and has been inspiring and life changing to me. I feel like an entirely different, happy, content person, who now finds life to be a joy!"

"My husband and I did couple's therapy with Robin on and off for several years. She was incredible. She was fair and even-handed, insightful, and made us work hard. She also helped save our marriage of 20 years which is stronger than ever in large part because of the new ways of seeing and behaving we developed while sitting on her couch!"

"Robin is a caring person who has helped to identify the challenges in my life and guide me acknowledge them so that I can move on. I have struggled with work and weight issues for a long time. Robin helped me recognize who I am and the strengths I have inside thus tackling my issues in an effective and passionate manner."

"Robin provided me with a powerful combination of both empathy when I needed it, but also encouragement and directness when the situation called for it. Her ability to help me identify and articulate a problem has proved a powerful tool again and again. I also have benefited more than once with her role playing scenarios as they equipped me to deal with difficult situations. I remember a particular instance when Robin's skills proved invaluable when the person I was interacting with responded exactly as she had during our session. It was surreal but also reassuring when I knew exactly how I wanted to respond in that situation. Working with Robin has provided me a stunning example of someone who practices a finely, and lovingly, honed craft."