SYRTO Project

I was the Primary Coordinator of the SYRTO project, “SYstemic Risk TOmography: Signals, Measurements, Transmission Channels, and Policy Interventions”, funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme (2013-2016).

The total contribution to the SYRTO project was € 2,473,064 for a total cost of € 3,088,884.

SYRTO project involved the following universities (local coordinators in parenthesis:

  1. University of Brescia (unit leader);
  2. Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Philippe De Peretti and Jorgen Vitting Andersen);
  3. Athens University of Economics and Business – Research Center (AUEB-RC) (Petros Dellaportas);
  4. Ca’ Foscari University di Venezia (Monica Billio and Loriana Pellizzon);
  5. University of Amsterdam (STICHTING VU-VUMC) (Andre Lucas, Siem Jan Koopman and Arjen Siegmann).

SYRTO realized an Early Warning System to identify potential threats to financial stability and realized a SYRTO Code, namely an ensemble of suggestions and prescriptions on the appropriate policy measures, governance structure and macro-prudential supervision to prevent, manage and resolve systemic crises in the Eurozone.

The research team, for which the scientific coordination was provided together with Monica Billio, has been supported by an Advisory Board composed by one scientific division, including prominent scholars from academia such as the Nobel laureate in economics Professor Robert Engle from the Stern Business School of the New York University, and one policy division of staff members of the European Central Bank, European Commission, International Monetary Fund, and other international organizations (BIS, EBA, OECD), collaborating with SYRTO as advisors participating in their private capacity.