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Information for Qualifying Museums

Participating in ROAM

Thank you for your interest in joining the many Museums across North America that offer reciprocal membership benefits to their qualifying members. There are a few simple steps to join our association and start offering your members access to hundreds of world-class art, history and other cultural institutions. To complete your application process quickly, please follow these steps and carefully read the guidelines.

1.       Read and understand the benefits that you will offer to your members and honor from other participating museums.

2.       Complete the application here.

3.       Allow 4-6 weeks for approval confirmation.

4.       Once your institution is approved, send an announcement to your members telling them about your new reciprocal program.

5.       Train Museum staff on reciprocal benefits and identifying ROAM credentials.

Reciprocal Benefits and Guidelines

Qualifying Members of Participating Institutions will receive:

·         Host institution’s member general admission price for at least two guests, plus any additional at the discretion of the host institution. 

·         Host institution’s member shop discount.

·         Access to member-only events / lectures unless specifically restricted by host institution.

·         Member pricing for special events / lectures / exhibitions unless specifically restricted by host institution.


Requirements to Qualify for reciprocal benefits:

·         Members of an institution at or above the $100 Annual Membership level may qualify for ROAM benefits. It will be the responsibility of the institution to identify their qualifying members by printing the ROAM logo /placing ROAM sticker on their qualifying member cards.

·         Institutions may reserve ROAM benefits for members at higher levels if they choose.

·         Institutions may not grant ROAM benefits to members paying less than $100 per year for Membership.



·         Institutions may restrict the follow ROAM benefits. Restrictions must be noted on the official list of participating museums. If you wish to make any restrictions to your ROAM benefits, they must be noted on your application form and approved by the ROAM Board/Executive Committee.

            * ROAM privileges may be restricted for concerts/lectures/special exhibitions and ticketed events.

            + ROAM privileges do not extend to other institutions members within a 25 mile radius.

            ROAM privileges do not apply to the [specific Gallery/Exhibition/Attraction].

·         Reciprocal privileges do not include mailings from any institution except for the institution with which the member is directly affiliated.

·         Institutions may not grant ROAM benefits to members paying less than $100 per year for Membership.

Identification of ROAM members

Membership Cards

·         The official ROAM logo will be sent to all member institutions in pdf / jpeg format.

·         Member institutions can either print the logo directly on their membership cards or order stickers to place on cards.

·         ROAM will provide a recommended vendor for stickers, but institutions can order from a vendor of their choice. Member institutions are responsible for purchasing their own stickers.

·         Printing the word “ROAM” or “Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums” on membership cards will also be acceptable.

Master List of Participating Museums

·         Member institutions will be responsible for updating the list on their own website or in any printed materials.

·         Visitors Services / Admissions staff should always have access to an updated list of participating institutions.

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