The activities of this research group started at the beginning of the eighties. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering approaches have been always followed for solving the different challenges in which the group was involved in. An applied research on Food and Environmental Technology has mainly focused our interest; as it is known, the field of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, at the interface of chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and engineering, is well positioned for contributing solutions to the pressing problems that these areas bring about. 
Nowadays, special attention is paid to:
  • Treatment and revalorization of organic wastes from agricultural and food industries.
    • Anaerobic digestion of wastes with high organic charge.
    • Composting.
  • Revalorization of agricultural and wood exploitation lignocellulosic wastes.
    • Pulp and paper production.
    • Biorefinery.
  • Food engineering. Bioreactors.
    • Optimization of food processes.
    • Development of new products.
Throughout these years, many competitive research projects as well as R+D+I contracts with national and international companies, yielded numerous international peer review publications, congress communications, postgraduate students research trainings and other results.