Rami Al-Rfou is a Ph.D. candidate and research assistant in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. He works under the supervision of Prof. Steven Skiena at the Data Science Lab. His research in machine learning focuses on extracting latent knowledge from free form text, knowledge bases, and social networks using unsupervised feature learning (deep learning). Particularly, in his thesis, he focuses on applying language modeling to enable massive multilingual natural language applications. His aim is to build intelligent systems with minimal human effort that support all human languages. He believes that efficient algorithms for learning knowledge representation are at the core of such goal.

Rami Al-Rfou received his BSc in Computer Engineering from University of Jordan in 2009. He, then, joined Middle East Technical University, Turkey, as an instructor in the Department of Electrical Engineering. During his PhD he interned at Google Research with Jay Ponte and at Microsoft Research with Leon Bottou.

Here is my research statement and teaching statement.

I graduated and I am currently on working on Machine Learning at Google Research.