Welcome to Rocky Mountain Vintage Motocross Club

THANK YOU to Everybody that Raced with us or supported our Racers...!
2018 was a great year for the Club, we are looking forward to the 2019 RMVMC Season...

Please check back on this site as we confirm our Year End Banquet date. We will also have a form for all to fill out.
Looks like the Sheraton DTC [same as last year] will host our Event. We are confirming for Saturday evening on 12/1 or 12/8.
We will have a few changes which I think you all will appreciate. We will be reducing the cost per person this year with the Club contributing significantly. We could use some planning and logistic help if you are able to help. 
Please check the 2018 Results Page [tab] to see if you've qualified for a year end trophy. 
Also, please check spelling. Sometimes it's very difficulty to read a lot of our Clubs hand writing.
Jose is preparing some +80 trophies to be handed out, this is a fun and relaxed evening.
Thank you!

'Like' us on Facebook to be notified about all the important updates and 2018 season details as soon as information is available. 

A note about RMVMC race day schedule:
We do not have a pre-determined race order. After all registrations are entered we optimize our race day schedule by combining classes if necessary and moving moto order to minimize racers with back to back motos. We urge all participants to take a minute to PRE REGISTER for the event you will attend so that we can work on an optimized schedule.  
  • Fees aren't paid until race day so there is no cost to registering online.
  • Don't worry if you have changes to the classes you selected or bike numbers -- we can easily make those adjustments when you pay your fees on race day. 

Not sure what Vintage Motocross is all about? Check out the article and photos from Elevated MX:

  • Check out our Membership and Race Fees page for details about our yearly and race day fees (all fees paid at the track on race day - cash or check please)
  • Pre-registering for events makes for short lines on race day and allows us to plan a great day of motos (hopefully avoiding back to back races)
  • Race day schedule:
    • Register/pay fees 7-8:30
    • Riders Meeting 8:30-9
    • Practice 9-10
    • Racing begins 10
  • More questions? Email us at rmvrc.org@gmail.com