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April 11 Sweney Cycle Park, Brush, CO

May 9 Lakeview Motosports Park, Ordway, CO

May 23 Thunder Valley MX, Lakewood, CO

June 13 Honor Farm MX, Pueblo, CO

June 27 Bull Hollow, UT (AVDRA Partner Race)

July 10-11 Aztec Family Raceway, Co. Springs, CO (AHRMA National)

Aug 15 Jewell Motocross, Watkins, CO

Sept 19 Thunder Valley, Lakewood, CO (AVDRA Partner Race)

Oct 17 Aztec Family Raceway, Co. Springs, CO

Registration is open for Aztec II, October 17

Aztec II Registration

Online registration will be open until midnight, Wednesday, October 13


Call for Volunteers and Paid Race Positions

Taking volunteers to help Shaunna Mozingo with scoring races this year. You don’t have to do every race. If people would volunteer to help with different races, we could spread the help out over the race season and ensure we are covered.

We want to make sure that we have extra people there so that if an emergency arises as did at the final race last year, where Shaunna had to leave to go with her granddaughter to the hospital, there are others there that can help continue to score races and finish things out so that everyone is taken care of.

This is a volunteer organization. Shaunna doesn’t get paid to do any of this work. She could use other volunteers just like you to help her score your races. If many step up and learn to do it, then nobody would have to do that many races, we could spread it out among the masses. It takes a village!

Email Shaunna at sdm6612@hotmail.com if you can help with scoring any of the RMVMC races this year.

Thank you!!!!


In addition to a Scorer, we are looking for a Starter, a Finish-line Flagger, and Corner Marshals. If you have a spouse or significant other who joins you at the races, or a child (really ought to be over the age of 16), this is a great way to get involved in the racing scene and have fun while helping all of us to have fun.

We have a number of people who ask if they can help out during the race day (when they're not racing), but we're really looking for a few people who aren't racing that day to work for the day and be compensated.

$125 cash to be out at the track and be around a bunch of cool bikes and cool people--what a deal!

Email us at RMVRC.org@gmail.com for more info.


2021 Results

After Round 8, Thunder Valley, September 19


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A note about RMVMC race day schedule:

We do not have a pre-determined race order. After all registrations are entered we optimize our race day schedule by combining classes if necessary and moving moto order to minimize racers with back to back motos. We urge all participants to take a minute to PRE REGISTER for the event you will attend so that we can work on an optimized schedule.

  • Fees aren't paid until race day so there is no cost to registering online.

  • Don't worry if you have changes to the classes you selected or bike numbers -- we can easily make those adjustments when you pay your fees on race day.



  • Check out our Membership and Race Fees page for details about our yearly and race day fees (all fees paid at the track on race day - cash or check please)

  • Pre-registering for events makes for short lines on race day and allows us to plan a great day of motos (hopefully avoiding back to back races)

  • Race day schedule:

    • Register/pay fees 7-8:30

    • Riders Meeting 8:30-9

    • Practice 9-10

    • Racing begins 10

  • More questions? Email us at rmvrc.org@gmail.com