I am currently a Lecturer in Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Kent. My primary research interests are in political economy, economic history, economic development, migration and cultural economics. Each one of my papers examines the relationship between a 'historical institution' or 'event' and current development outcomes. I employ empirical methods based on a clear identification strategy and a variety of robustness tests to assign a causal interpretation to the relationships I examine. In addition to establishing a causal link between history and contemporary economic development, my papers also investigate the potential pathways through which the influence of historical institutions or events persist and affect current development. In particular, I make extensive use of historical and anthropological sources for constructing an informed narrative around the pathways I investigate. Thus far my research has focused on the following outcomes of contemporary economic development: public goods, literacy, urbanization, occupational structure, agricultural productivity, infant mortality, and political competition. I link these outcomes to historical institutions such as 'religious shrines' and 'tribal networks' and to momentous historic events such as the 'partition of colonial India', the 'introduction and extension of franchise in colonial India', and the 'advent of the Green Revolution in India'. In terms of time and space, my research focuses on South Asian economic history from the start of the East India Company rule in 1757 up to the present.

I hold a DPhil in Economic and Social History from the University of Oxford, an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford, and a B.Sc (Honours) in Mathematics and Management from King's College London.

Fields of interest: Economic History of South Asia, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Migration Studies, Health Economics, Political Economy of Religion, Institutions & Development.

A detailed description of my research interests can be found here.