RIEF network

Research in International Economics and Finance

The Research in International Economics and Finance (RIEF) network was created in 2004 in order to strengthen scientific cooperation and contacts between European research centers working on international economics.  The network organizes a yearly doctoral meeting which offers the opportunity for a limited number of PhD candidates or young PhDs to have their papers discussed by senior researchers in the field. A prize of 500 euros is awarded to the best paper presented. The doctoral meetings welcome submissions in: global issues related to Trade, Macroeconomics, Migration, Taxation; Environmental economics; Urban Economics.

                         Next edition in 2025

RIEF Board Members

Andrea Ariu (U. Milan and CEPR)

Jan Bakker (Bocconi U.)

Maria Bas (U. Paris 1 - CES)

Flora Bellone (U. Nice, GREDEG, OFCE)

Antonin Bergeaud (HEC and CEPR)

Nicolas Berman (Aix-Marseille School of Economics and CEPR)

Antoine Berthou (Banque de France and CEPII)

Tobias Broer (PSE and CEPR)

Céline Carrère (U. Geneva and CEPR)

Nicolas Coeurdacier (Sciences Po and CEPR)

José de Sousa (U. Paris-Saclay)

Anne-Célia Disdier (PSE - INRAE)

Alessandro Ferrari (U. Zurich and CEPR)

Axelle Ferrière (PSE and CEPR)

Jérôme Hericourt (U. Paris-Saclay, U. Evry and CEPII)

Jean Imbs (U. Paris 1 - PSE and CEPR)

Pamina Koenig (U. Paris 1 and PSE)

Miren Lafourcade (U. Paris-Saclay, PSE and CEPR)

Lisandra Flach (LMU Munich and CEPR)

Julien Martin (UQAM and CEPR)

Thierry Mayer (Sciences Po, CEPII and CEPR)

Florian Mayneris (UQAM and CEPR)

Isabelle Méjean (Sciences Po and CEPR)

Daniel Mirza (U. Tours, LEO and CEPII)

Monika Mrázová (U. Geneva and CEPR)

Rahul Mukherjee (U. Nottingham)

Clement Nedoncelle (INRAE - Paris Saclay)

Marcelo Olarreaga (U. Geneva and CEPR)

Gianluca Orefice (U. Paris-Dauphine)

Francesco Pappada (Banque de France and PSE)

Mathieu Parenti (PSE, INRAE and CEPR)

Lise Patureau (U. Paris-Dauphine)

Céline Poilly (Aix-Marseille School of Economics and CEPR)

Sandra Poncet (U. Paris 1 - PSE)

Horst Raff (U. Kiel)

Lorenzo Rotunno (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)

Cédric Tille (Graduate Institute, Geneva)

Farid Toubal (U. Paris-Dauphine, CEPII and CEPR)

Federico Trionfetti (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)

Fabien Tripier (U. Paris-Dauphine, CEPREMAP and CEPII)

Gonzague Vannorenberghe (UCLouvain)

Liliana Varela (LSE and CEPR)

Vincent Vicard (CEPII)

RIEF meetings since 2001

2024: Paris (France)

2023: Bruxelles (Belgique)

2022: Paris (France)

2021 Paris (France)

2019: Marseille (France)

2018: Ifo, Munich (Germany)

2017: LEM, Lille (France)

2016: EUI, Florence (Italy)

2015: LEO, Orléans (France)

2014: ETH, Zurich (Switzerland)

2013: Paris 1 (France)

2012: Milan, Bocconi (Italy)

2011: Nice (France)

2010: Kiel (Germany)

2009: Aix-Marseille (France)

2008: Barcelona (Spain)

2007: Rennes (France)

2006: Geneva (Switzerland)

2005: Paris  (France)

2004: Brussels (Belgium)

2003: Paris-Nanterre (France)

2002: Paris-Dauphine (France)

2001: Rennes (France)