Visit your school library's website for links to available resources at your school.

Passwords are required to access our subscription databases.  Please contact your librarian for your school's passwords.


Online Catalog

Destiny is our online catalog where you can search for books in any of our libraries by clicking on the school.  Various book lists can be found using the Visual Search in the upper right corner tab.  In addition, Destiny includes Webpath Express, an integrated search engine which allows students to search for websites that have been vetted for accuracy and age-appropriate content.    no password required

Encyclopedia Britannica

Britannica Online School Edition offers encyclopedias and related materials for students of all levels. Users can also take advantage of the Learning Materials, a collection of educational exercises, activities, and study guides.  password required

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Visit your library’s individual webpage for links to the following resources as well as other specific subject area and curriculum related resources.  


SIRS Discoverer

An entry-level, user-friendly database geared toward early middle school students that includes articles from hundreds of magazines and newspapers. SIRS also includes an atlas, dictionary, encyclopedia and an almanac. password required

Gale Student Resource Center Jr

A fully integrated database geared toward middle school students containing full text of over 450 magazines and newspapers, primary source documents, biographies, topical essays, background information, photographs/illustrations, and hours of audio and video clips. password required

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of electronic reference ebooks, including a wide range of middle school appropriate reference titles.  password required


Facts on File/Infobase

A database consisting of reference articles and information from the acclaimed publisher Facts on File, with information organized into subject specific modules such as history, geography, health, and science. password required


An extensive magazine and newspaper database as well as an extensive reference resource.  The modules indicate appropriateness for different grade levels:  Students Research Center (grades 7-12);  Kids Search (grades 5-8), Searchasaurus (grades 3-6), Ebsco Host (HS and adult). password required



Oxford Dictionary as well as Music and Art databases from the premier publisher of arts and music resources. password required

Gods Goddesses and Mythology e-reference book.  password required