Athletic Hall of Fame

RPHS Athletic Hall of Fame
The official website (click on the link above) contains forms where you can nominate an athlete, a team or someone who should receive a special award for induction into the RPHS Athletic Hall of Fame. 

For all Athletic Hall of Fame events, call the Athletic Department office at 201-807-2272Annual events usually include a golf outing on Columbus Day, a beefsteak fundraiser in the spring, and seasonal alumni sporting events throughout the year. As these events are planned, we will post the details on this website as well.

Alumni Golf Outing -- October 2013

Athletic Hall of Fame Committee Members
 Name Class Year
Mike Alberque1980
 Dave Cathcart1966
 James Donohue1977-Principal: RP Jr. Sr. HS 
George Fosdick1959
Brian Hubert1978
Kristine Richardson Koenig1989
Allison D'Amelio Koop1977
Thomas Kraljic1973-Asst. Superintendent-RP 
 Bobby Lee1971
Ralph LellaFormer Athletic Director
Tom MaisanoFormer Teacher/Coach
Matt McArow1975
Joseph NeubertPrincipal-Lincoln School-RP
Bobby Schrumpf1973
Roy Schrumpf1969

Brian Hubert,
Apr 22, 2017, 12:10 PM
Brian Hubert,
Apr 22, 2017, 12:10 PM