About me

I am an applied economist working on education, personnel and development economics.

I work in the Research Department at CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.  Previously, I was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (2014-2016) in Florence. I hold a Ph.D in Economics from the Paris School of Economics and I graduated from the Master in Public Policy at the University of Chicago. I was born in amazing Mexico City.

You can reach me at restrada (at) caf.com



    CAF Working Paper (August, 2017) here

    Post in Nexos Education Blog (in Spanish) (en españolhere

    Media coverage (in Spanish): Educación FuturaReforma (non-gated version)El Financiero

    CAF Working Paper (March, 2017) here

Working papers

NEW VERSION "Do Large-Scale Student Assessments Really Capture Cognitive Skills?" with Rafael de Hoyos and Maria Jose Vargas (this version: January, 2020). 

    CAF Working Paper (May, 2018) here

    Revise and Resubmit: Labour Economics

    CAF Working Paper (November, 2017) here

    Post in CEDLAS Blog (in Spanish) (en españolhere

    CAF Working Paper (May, 2017) here

Work in progress

"Rent Extraction Opportunities and Self-selection into the Public Sector. Evidence from the Lab" with Pablo Brassiolo, Gustavo Fajardo and Juan Vargas

"Family Rules: Nepotism in the Mexican Judiciary" with Pablo Brassiolo, Gustavo Fajardo and Julián Martínez Correa.

"Learning about Opportunity: Spillovers of Elite School Admissions in Peru" with Jérémie Gignoux and Agustina Hatrick.

"The Wage Premium and Selection to the Public Sector in Ecuador" with Pablo Brassiolo, Gustavo Fajardo.

"Academic Ability and Teaching Hiring in Mexico" with Rafael de Hoyos.

"Insured at Birth" with Alejandro del Valle.

Others (selected)

Book chapters Elegir a los Mejores. RED 2019. Integridad en las Políticas Públicas. Claves para Prevenir la Corrupción. (with Pablo Brassiolo) CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, 2019. 

    Executive summary available in Spanish and English.

Movilidad para la Accesibilidad. In RED 2017. Crecimiento urbano y acceso a oportunidades: un desafío para América Latina. (with Fernando Alvarez-Parra) CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, 2017. 

   Full Report and Executive summary available in SpanishEnglish, and Portuguese.

Perfil de la Pobreza Rural en Nicaragua. In Faiguenbaum, S., Ortega, C. y Soto, F. (Ed) Pobreza Rural y Políticas Públicas en ALC, Tomo II, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, 2013

Book Profesionistas en vilo. ¿Es la universidad una buena inversión? Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo, A.C., Mexico City, 2011

    Selected media coverage (in Spanish): W RadioCNN ExpansionEl Economista, Reforma (non-gated) .

IADB WP  "Productive Development Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Case of Mexico," (with Verónica Baz, María Cristina Capelo and Rodrigo Centeno), RES Working Papers 4693, Inter-American Development Bank, Research Department, 2010

Handbook  Assessing integration methodology (AIM): A handbook for measuring and assessing the integration of  family planning and other reproductive health services (with Estela Rivero-Fuentes, Saumya Ramarao, Charlotte Warren, Saiqa Mullick, Harriet Birungi, Ian Askew and Susana Medina), FRONTIERS Manual. Washington, DC: Population Council, 2008


Economics of Education, spring 2016
Ph.D. level course, Department of Economics, European University Institute

European University Institute (Teaching Exchange at Humboldt University, Berlin)

Economics and Globalization, Teaching Assistant, 2013-2014
Master level course, Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs.

Microeconomics: Households and Firms, Teaching Assistant, 2011-2013
Master in Public Policy and Development, Paris School of Economics.