About Us/Awards

Ribault Garden Club At-A-Glance


Awards 2017
    Butterfly Conservation FFGC 
        (Monarch Way station)

    School Improvement FFGC 
    3rd Place Deep South Region

Awards 2015
    FFGC Nature Plant Landscaping

    NGC Nature Plant Landscaping

Organized : April 16, 1938         Federated: March 29, 1939

 5 Circles       105 Members

A Member of
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. - District IV
National Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. - Deep South Region Nature Conservancy
Club Flower - Day-lily,
Club Shrub - Oleander
Club Color - Green & White
Club Bird - Cardinal
Club Butterfly - Cloudless Green Sulphur

    Club Theme - Sharing, through Education, our interest in Design, Horticulture, Conservation and Youth

    Club Project - Making our Community and World a More Aware and Beautiful Place in which to Live.

On the third Thursday of each month, we hold our Garden Center Day from September through April.  Each of our five circles and several committees provide hospitality on a rotating basis. This event is open to the public, all is welcome.  

See the Circles page for more information.

Garden club membership is open to the public. 


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