Congratulations Eileen Crudele

Smithfield Public Schools

Special Education Administrator of the Year 2020-2021

Greetings From the President


As ARIASE enters another year we look forward to working with each other to navigate these uncharted waters. Together, we will get through this!

We continue to work to strengthen the administration, supervision and provision of instructional and related services to students with exceptionalities so that the needs of those students are effectively met.

This year we will also continue to promote effective leadership through our mentoring program, and encourage the development of policies and procedures in our work with the Rhode Island Department of Education.

Thank you all for your continued membership and support!

Brad Wilson, ARIASE President--

Annual Conference

Ariase Annual Legal Conference 2021

May 28, 2021

8:30 - 3:30

Everything is new again!!


Sponsored in partnership with Presence Learning & Teachtown


Presence Learning - Cindy McCandless

A Year in Review (national and RI cases) - Mary Ann Carroll, facilitator

Teachtown- Cindy Kerrigan

Legal Panel Q and A - Steve Adams, Jon Anderson, Mary Ann Carroll, Tim Groves, Andrew Henneous, Aubrey Lombardo

Break Outs:

A. Covid compensatory services both for DL and in-person learners. Recovery versus compensatory - Mary Ann Carroll

B. FAPE and Covid - Jon Anderson

C. Truancy and Covid - Aubrey Lombardo

D. Privately-placed and LEA obligation during Covid - Tim or Steve??

E. Transition Service Obligations and Covid - Tim or Steve??

F. DCYF and residency - Andrew Hennous

Special Thank You to our Seasoned Event Planner, our own Dr. Kim Carson, for organizing this event!!!


March Membership Meeting

Preventing Systemic Racism in Special Education

  • As racial equality is being discussed on a worldwide level, educational institutions must examine their processes and statistics to ensure that the students who receive special education are not inadvertently subjected to systemic racism. In this interactive presentation, Attorney Geneva Jones will examine case law involving discrimination in school, discuss over-identification and misidentification of students, and obtain guidance on revising processes that effectuate systemic racism

  • Geneva Jones
    Geneva Jones & Associates, PLLC

    Geneva is founder of Geneva Jones & Associates, a law firm dedicated to education. Geneva is a nationally recognized school law expert, news commentator, trainer, and public speaker on special education, discipline, disability law, and education for the socio-economically disadvantaged. A multi-year Super Lawyer Rising Star, Geneva also earned a full fellowship in the Whittier College of Law Center for Children’s Rights and is a Rosenthal Bar Recipient for her dedication to public interest law. Geneva is the creator of Geneva's Guidance, a professional site providing vital information on diverse school law topics.

Mr. Biden Goes to Washington: What the New Administration Means for Special Education


As a candidate, President Biden promised to increase funding for IDEA and Title I and to double the number of psychologists, counselors, nurses, and social workers in schools. He supported the Keeping All Students Safe Act, which would end the use of seclusion and decrease the use of physical restraint in school. And he planned to increase the Office for Civil Rights' investigation and enforcement activity. What has the Biden/Harris administration implemented in its first 90 days and what do changes mean for special educators across the country? Attorneys Jackie Wernz and Kendra Yoch will dive into the Biden/Harris agenda as it relates to special education, work through changes seen and expected, and discuss what steps schools should take now to respond.

Dana Crumley

Dana Crumley is a partner in the Education Law Practice Group at Franczek P.C. A former public school teacher, Dana has devoted her legal practice to representing public schools and serves as general counsel to K-12 public schools, with an emphasis in the areas of special education, student rights, labor and employment matters, and school board policy and governance.

Dana is a frequent speaker on a wide range of education law topics, including special education, teacher employment and dismissal, board governance, student records and confidentiality, and student rights. She has taught education law classes at Loyola University’s Graduate School of Education, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Roosevelt University. From 2009-2017, she was a member of the Board of Education of the Winnetka District 36 Public Schools, which serves students in grades K-8.

Kendra Yoch

Kendra Yoch represents educational institutions, including public school districts and charter schools. She counsels and provides trainings to clients related to student issues, including special education, discipline, residency, bullying, records, and free expression. She also counsels clients related to harassment investigations, intergovernmental agreements, and threat assessments. Kendra serves as lead counsel in special education mediations and due process hearings regarding placement, evaluation, programming, and services provided to students with disabilities. Kendra is a frequent presenter at education conferences, contributor to the Special Education Law Insights blog, and the host of the Education Law Insights podcast.

2020-2 1 Up Coming MEETINGS

General Membership meetings: 8:30-10:30 am Oct. 30, Jan. 29th, March 26th, May 28th

New This Year: Topical Sessions8:30-10:30 am Sept. 25th, Dec. 11th, Feb. 26th, April 30th

Executive Board Meetings

2-4 pm

3rd Tuesday of the month

Changes- 4th Tuesday in February and April due to vacations

First Mentoring Meeting-

Oct. 1st 8:30- 10:30am