Abe Grudin

A Memorial

Abe Grudin, age 5. 1917

Abraham Edward Grudin of Clifton, CO, died on June 9, 2006, of age-related causes, at 94. He was born in Perrineville, NJ, on April 6, 1912, the son of Solomon Grudin and Riva Freiman Grudin. He attended Weequahic High School in Newark and graduated from Lehigh University as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, after writing two prize essays in English. In 1933 he married Bertha Carlson of New York City, forming a union that would last for over 60 years. During World War 2 he served as Fire Marshal in Little Silver, NJ, and was afterward awarded a membership in the Police Chiefs of America. He was president of the Wright Stores, a hardware chain in northern New Jersey, and afterward developed his own businesses, the Bright Store and the Bright Acre, in the Red Bank/Shrewsbury area of Monmouth County. With inventor Marshall T. McDowell, Grudin and his wife successfully produced and marketed the Korkmaster corkscrew in the late 1940's. A civic leader in the resistance to the policies of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, he was offered, but declined, a membership in the Gridiron Club of Washington, DC. He spent his retirement years in Boca Raton, FL, Niwot, CO, and Grand Junction, CO. Abe was a trusted, loyal, compassionate friend, a loving husband , a dedicated father, grandfather and great grandfather. He is remembered affectionately by four children, Robert, Peter, David and Wendy; six grandchildren, Liza, Anthony, Nicholas, Theodore, Sophia and Tamara; and five great grandchildren, Camille, Maxwell, Michaela, Mateo, and Jasmine.

Abe in his early 90's, c. 2004

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