Taxing the Good? Distortions, Productivity, and Misallocation in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Xavier Cirera and Hibret Maemir, January 2017, accepted at World Bank Economic Review

Entry and Exit, Multi-Product Firms, and Allocative Distortions  AEJ: Macroeconomics Vol 10 No. 2, April 2018 

The Anatomy of a Credit Crunch: from Capital to Labor Markets, with Francisco Buera and Yongseok Shin, Review of Economic Dynamics, January 2015

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Working Papers

The Dynamics of Development: Innovation and Reallocation, with Francisco Buera, July 2018

Size-Dependent Tax Enforcement and Compliance: Global Evidence and Aggregate Implications, with Pierre Bachas and Anders Jensen, February 2018 

The Elusive Missing Middle: The Size Distribution of Firms in Sub-Saharan Africa, Xavier Cirera, Hibret Maemir, and Nicolas Gonne, February 2018
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Constrained Optimality and the Welfare Effects of Misallocation with Hugo Hopenhayn, (Preliminary draft, July 2012)